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5 Tips To Host A Friendsgiving Party That Truly Honors Your Tribe

This is a sponsored conversation about the exciting tradition of Friendsgiving, written by me on behalf of Del Monte ®. All opinions are my own, but I have a feeling you’ll want to host your own Friendsgiving party after seeing these pictures! My latest obsession: Friendsgiving parties. I hosted my first one last year and I’m hooked. Maybe it’s because I’ve formed a tribe that honors me wholeheartedly or the fact that

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If There’s One Thing Moms Don’t Have Time For, It’s the Flu

I’m going into my eighth year of motherhood and it feels like I’ve finally arrived at the promise land. They sleep through the night, have a fair amount of self-control and, in general, are really cool kids. Plus, they tell funny jokes. Don’t get me wrong, babies, toddlers and adorable preschoolers are fabulous, but this stage has become my favorite. I love being with my kids and sharing their joy

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Driving While Distracted Is Never Okay

It was over 20 years ago when I made a decision that would become one of my life’s biggest regrets. I had 4 finals that week and, although the college was only 10 miles from my house, there was a ton of LA traffic as usual. I was freaking out!!! I made the haphazard decision to look over my flash cards in the passenger seat to help alleviate my anxiety

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The Ultimate Dual Immersion Back-to-School Shopping List

Summer is coming to an end and, though it’s been magical, I’m excited to start another year of dual language education! It’s absolutely amazing to watch my (previously) monolingual children improve their fluency and reading abilities in two languages throughout the school year. Raising bilingual and biliterate children would be impossible without the support of our progressive school district and the teachers who love our babies. There aren’t enough words

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A Mom’s Guide for Bilingual Kindergarten Preparation

We’re getting ready for our little boy’s first day of bilingual kindergarten and are excited to partner with Clorox to share tips on helping him start confidently! Last year, Clorox donated $150,000 for a Match Offer on and is continuing their partnership for this BTS season too. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our voices. His older sister has been here before, but he’s still nervous about

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A Family Guide to Summer in Mammoth Lakes with Kids

This post is overflowing with photos because, honestly, it was impossible to take a bad photo in this stunning locale of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, and happier-than-ever kids. We were invited by our friends at Mammoth Lakes to share everything we learned on our adventure, and we’re honored to partner with them. It’s hard to tell you exactly what this epic adventure to Mammoth Lakes with kids in tow

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How Well Do You Know Your Skin Color?

How well do you know your skin color? It’s true: skin color is not taboo over here. My family is a glorious range of black and brown. But despite loving it, embracing it and calling it beautiful, I still don’t know much about my skin. I was invited by Sephora inside JCPenney to try their innovative method of analyzing skin tones and helping busy moms find our perfect color match.

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