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Crystal Cave at Sequoia National Park

We had such a great time exploring the outdoors this summer and one of those adventures took us to Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park. We took the drive to Sequoia National Park and the next morning, bright and early, we headed to our Family Tour of the cave. The hike down to the entrance of  the cave is the only precaution one should be aware of. It’s way more

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Dual Immersion Spanish Kindergarten: How Moms Can Support Bilingual Education

There’s a story behind the urgency to have my children receive a bilingual education, but it’s long, very emotional and, ultimately, not relevant to this post. I’ll share that story eventually, I promise. But for now, as I look over the photos of Alina’s Dual Immersion Spanish Kindergarten graduation only a few months ago, I realize that last year was perhaps the most amazing year of my motherhood to date.

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5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken

In an effort to streamline and minimize our lifestyles, I’m back on the menu planning wagon with gusto. When my babies were little and Daddy D worked super long hours, I was diligent (and it saved my sanity!) to know what was for dinner each night. I was also able to plan for the exposure of food culture for my kids and used these 5 Cuban recipes as a foundation

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Driving To Sequoia National Park And Conquering Travel Fears

I can’t tell you how many hair-brained ideas that my husband has followed me into. I won’t even call them big dreams, they’re more like lofty goals. In life-changing decisions like moving to Vegas and then moving back home to California, Daddy D is the ultimate road warrior. But if we’re talking about big dreams and conquering fears, driving winding, cliff-hugging roads high into the mountains is definitely one of

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It’s Go Time! Gearing Up For Back to School With An Empowered Attitude

This story is part of a sponsored collaboration ̊with the PreK12 Plaza. All opinions and cute kids are my own! Learn more using #PreK12Plaza. This is our first official Back to School season and I’m pumped to move into it with an empowered and positive attitude! My daughter is starting First grade and her baby brother is moving onto Pre-Kindergarten and, although we did our best to retain most of

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Empowering Our Multiracial Kids To Love The Outdoors

It’s been a few months since I sat in a conference room at a swanky hotel in downtown LA and listened to a panel, sponsored by KOA (Kampgrounds of America), on whether or not minorities (Hispanics, specifically) care about the National Parks. The question of the hour was: how do we empower minorities to utilize and appreciate the outdoors. The conversation really struck me at my core – the part

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Chasing The Sun: Santa Barbara Sunset Off Stearns Wharf Pier

Ask the kids what Mama loves most (after Daddy and them, of course), and they’ll tell you that I love sunsets. This fanatical love has grown gradually over the years, maturing out of my adoration of the beach and a grand appreciation of our world’s vastness. But the sunset is so peaceful. It comes without our will – whether we want it to or not – and is as diverse

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