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Welcome y bienvenidos! I’m Vanessa, a Latina mom to two, wife to my one and only, and founder of De Su Mama: a space where the legacy of multiracial motherhood is examined and celebrated.

About De Su Mama | Latina Mom Blogger

De Su Mama is Spanish, meaning from your mother, and speaks to the plethora of love letters I wrote to my daughter as she grew from infant to toddler to big sister. Every day brought growth and change – I was desperate to remember it all – and then our son was born. Life started to move quick.

I started to forget.

Somewhere in there, I birthed De Su Mama and haven’t looked back.

Congruent with my identity as a mother, De Su Mama has matured as well. From one mom’s stories of legacy building to a deeper analysis of what it means to raise mixed race children, De Su Mama has become a space for multiracial mothers to examine our unique parenting experiences with a family that honors and celebrates the multiracial legacy.

From documenting food traditions and recipes to raising bilingual kids; from mixed curly hair care to defining a brand new family legacy of traditions, crafts and travel, the core mission for De Su Mama is to support multiracial mothers in raising great kids.



Multiracial Motherhood: Raising A Family Legacy

Multiracial moms have a unique parenting experience. Being of mixed race and bicultural parents, the journey of personal identity for our children will be unlike our own. I wish I could say that I am completely confident our world will accept our children with open arms, free of racism and ignorance. But sometimes I’m not. Regardless of how the world views them, my multiracial motherhood dictates values that I hope will combat our society’s ugly: self awareness, an appreciation for global perspectives and compassion.

In addition to raising empowered multiracial children, I feel purposed in the core mission of De Su Mama to build a community of like-minded mothers who yearn to fully support the various layers of identity that make up our beautiful mixed kids.

And for my babies, specifically: I wish for the many love letters that serve as the foundation of this blog to, one day, be a source of identity. That they hear my voice in reading these words. That, no matter where my soul may be, my children feel the comfort and strength in the knowledge of who I am and, thus, who they are.

We all have moments in our lives when we feel insecure in our identity – even as multiracial moms, it’s often hard to know if we’re getting it right. But I hope, that when lost in theirs, my children can look to the values shared here and begin to define their own legacies.

Thank you so much for being here today!

Con mucho amor,


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