About De Su Mama

About De Su Mama

Welcome! I’m Vanessa, a Cuban American mom to two biracial and bicultural children, and loyal wife to Daddy D, the guy who knows me best and loves me better.

The Family

Daddy D and I met in 2004 in our home state of California. After moving to Las Vegas, we married four years later. Our Alina arrived two years after we wed, with Sebastian blessing us another two years later. This whirlwind comes with days of ups and downs. But none are less important and all necessary to document. These are the moments of which legacies are built.

The Purpose

De Su Mama {which is Spanish and means From Your Mother} was created in 2011, after the birth to my first child. Through letters of love and history, my hope was to connect with an older Alina. One perhaps searching for her personal identity, wondering about her family’s heritage, or maybe as a new mom seeking advice on motherhood. My desire was to build something tangible for my baby to see with her eyes and hold with her hands, all that my heart yearned for her. In 2012, Daddy D and I welcomed our son, Sebastian, into our hearts and the desire to document our legacy grew exponentially.

There was so much I wanted to say to my children, but I knew the nuances of their early years would be lost to new memories and milestones with each year that passed. And so, I summoned up the courage to document our history through love letters to the only two people that could motivate me to do so. From, their Mother.

The Legacy

Being of mixed race and bicultural parents, the journey of personal identity for Alina and Sebastian will be unlike mine or that of their father’s. I wish I could say that I am completely confident in our world to accept my children with open arms, free of racism and ignorance. But sometimes I’m not. Regardless of how the world views them, my parenting philosophy dictates values that I hope will combat our society’s ugly: self awareness, an appreciation for global perspectives and compassion. More than anything, I feel purposed in this life to raise confident, empowered and decent citizens of this earth.

This collection of letters builds the legacy that reflects the way my children live today; with posts on their growth, recipes of the food we enjoy, recaps of our mixed family travels and the values that influence our parenting.

I wish for my efforts to, one day, be a source of identity for my children. That they hear my voice in reading their letters. That, no matter where my soul may be, my children feel the comfort and strength in the knowledge of who I am, who they are. We all have moments in our lives when we feel insecure in our identity. But I hope that, when lost in theirs, Alina and Sebastian can look here to find it.

For more information on what you can expect to see here, please visit the DSM Mission page.

Con Mucho Amor {With Lots of Love},


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