The original focus of this blog began from a new mother’s need to document the nuances of her baby’s life. Every day brought growth and change – I was desperate to remember it all. Then our gorgeous son was born and life started to move quick. I started to forget. Somewhere in there, I birthed De Su Mama and haven’t looked back. But, like my children and motherhood, this blog has changed. De Su Mama will always house Alina and Sebastian’s memoirs, including the dreams and values Daddy D and I have, as written by their mother. But the mission has evolved to include so much more…

DSM Mission

Keeping a journal is an art most of us were taught to do at an early age, when we had the time to wonder and question the ways of our world. Within a simple composition book, our scribbles were translated by a teacher and forever documented. For me, well before the classroom, my paternal grandmother laid a hardcover book with blank pages in front of me. She prompted my small fingers to fill the pages with childhood drawings, she convinced me that they held value. She jotted down my narrations, teaching me to always note the date, and handed me the history of my youthful mind as written by her perfect penmanship. She passed away a few years later from ovarian cancer, in the beginning of her golden years.

That was my first journal. I know own twenty or so books and boxes filled with drawings, writings, photos, cards and sentimental items that document the emotions of my more than three decades of life. Entirely worthless to others, but priceless to those affected by the legacy I have, and continue, to build.

In the short number of years I had her, my grandmother left a tremendous impact on my life. And in her legacy, I became a believer in the construction of my own. For my children. For the ones that love me most. For the personal growth that occurs only when I’m paying attention.

My mission at De Su Mama is to explore the art of memoir writing to our children; to help other parents build their own legacy through documentation of their values, travels and every day life. To understand how, why and what should be documented in order to best build the legacy we wish to leave behind.”

The facets of my mission are very close to my heart, resonating deep within my soul. I am humbly grateful for your support in this journey.

Con Mucho amor y Gracias {with much love and thanks},


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