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And On The Seventh Year…

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Queridad hija, beautiful fruit of my womb,

Happy 7th birthday!

Seven years ago was a big day for me. With presumption of self that would eventually be redefined by your existence, I made a baby with the man I love; together we made a family. We were married for 2 years, together for 5, and today that baby turned 7.

Seven is a big number, too. The digit for luck, years of Catholic school taught me that it is also significant in religion, in literature…. if not entirely in creation of life.

“By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” Genesis 2:2-2:3

Though, of course, your mama is no god, I did indeed create you. Flesh from my flesh. Love from my love. Day in, day out, imperfectly striving to be the best version of woman that you can emulate. This is no easy task, my baby girl. Motherhood is the most god-like thing I have ever done: selfless, unconditional, constant. For such a meager person, there is only shock that I could have helped in the creation that you have grown up to be.

So on this seventh year of your life, I declare you pure; holy to my eyes, treasure to my soul. And though I will never rest from being your mother, I know that the significance my role plays is on borrowed time. Your story has only begun…

latina-blogger-dsm-2 latina-blogger-dsm-3 Coming of age in today’s society is both enlightening and horrifying. While families that look like ours have gained so much representation in recent decades, the current state of politics in our country has me constantly worried for you and your brother. The fear can often overwhelm me.

And so, in your seventh year of life, you’ll make your first political stance, marching in solidarity with other like-minded woman; using the kinetic strength of your knees, asphalt to feet, together we’ll push towards a dream that your mama believes in: equality, love, kindness and commitment to those who need us.

Tempered with hope and purpose, I know the experience will bond us as fearless woman – well, you, still a little girl – and serve as an opportunity to display courage in the face of despair. We are girls with big dreams and big hearts and big purpose.

Even on this seventh year, rest is not an option.


Those who know you and have watched you mature in recent years, also feel how special you are. A friend I love and respect spoke of you yesterday and of the way energy impacts your sense of self. I realized in that moment how much she enjoys watching you grow. As she stroked her arm, understanding how porous you are, she saw herself in you and me in her. You have this amazing way of bringing people joy – of connecting those around you – and sometimes I don’t understand how someone like you, whole and true, could come from someone as broken as me.

And yet, you love me more with each passing day. I’m enough for you. I always have been. You look to me for answers to things that I don’t yet understand and demand explanations for others that my heart hasn’t even processed. I have no idea where your journey will take you, but my God, I am so grateful that it started with me.

latina-blogger-dsm-4 latina-blogger-dsm-1

I adore you, my child. Flesh of my flesh. Love of my love. Day in, day out.

Happy 7th birthday.

Con amor,

Su Mama

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