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Atole Recipe for Day of the Dead Celebrations

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If you were in Mexico for Day of the Dead, chances are you would be enjoying a steaming mug of atole or champurrado.  As a Cuban, I had never heard of either concoction and boy, have I been missing out!  Atole is a warm drink traditionally made of masa de harina. Yup, the same stuff delicious Tamales are made of. Piloncillo, a raw sugar cane sweetener, canela (cinnamon) and milk also sweeten this warm drink. Atole with a chocolate milk base  is called champurrado, and has been referred to since ancient  times as the “drinks of the gods”. When you make a batch, you’ll understand why. It’s definitely very decadent and so fun to make with kids!

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atole recipe day of the dead with kids

Atole Recipe: Day of the Dead with Kids


Atole is a thick and creamy drink perfect for warming up a chilly evening. If you’re looking for champurrado, check out this Mexican hot chocolate recipe. However, unlike hot chocolate, the consistency of atole is a thin porridge, yet sweet like a dessert and a perfect way to warm your insides while warming your family memories during Day of the Dead Celebration or any time this holiday season. Atole recipe is simple and the taste unique. Alote will be our go to drink when we are feeling like snuggling up this winter, and I love knowing Alina is learning to associate new food with different cultures.

atole-Champurrado-dsm-3 atole-Champurrado-dsm-2

Atole Recipe (Champurrado)

You’ll need

⅓ cup masa

3 cups whole milk

½ teaspoon Cinnamon

¼ cup brown sugar ( piloncillo substitute)


Warm the Milk and cinnamon on the stove whisking in the masa.

Once it starts to thicken add the brown sugar , keep whisking.


And that’s it. Atole is so simple and so classic. Add chocolate to the milk before adding your masa to make a delicious Champurrado for a treat any day . Atole is quintessential Mexican comfort food that you can use to expand your food traditions and add some Latino flavor to any celebration.

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