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An ANNIE Inspired Easter Basket for Dog Lovers

Can you believe Easter is coming up?! I’ve been slowly picking up items for my girl’s Dog Lover’s Easter Basket to create something unique as her. No matter the season or reason, this little girl LOVES a furry best friend more than any other. So when Walmart asked me to celebrate the release of ANNIE and their exclusive gift set and soundtrack, I was excited to add Sandy, Annie’s furry

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The Time My Kid Asked To Marry A White Guy

My 5 year old, biracial daughter asked if she could marry a white guy earlier this week, further proving to me that raising multiracial children is a unique experience worthy of acknowledgment. Multiracial motherhood has its own facets of parenting, I think, because my experiences as a Latina won’t be solely her experiences as a mixed, black Latina. But perhaps that’s everyone? Have you experienced something like this? Anyway, here’s

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Super Absorbent Diapers For My 3 Year Old Super Hero

My (almost) 3 year old is still in diapers. To be fair, we just moved and are living with my mom while we searched for our own place so there have been lots of transitions in his life recently. Honestly though, I’m not in a rush to potty train him. Diapers are the last of his baby stage and I’m in not rush to push him out of it. My son

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Easter Egg Salad Sandwich: Holiday Food Traditions

With both of my babies finally able to sit still and follow directions (hello, toddler boys!), we’re having fun with all sorts of Easter holiday food traditions… mainly dying Easter eggs. Counting this Easter Egg Salad Sandwich recipe, we’ve dyed Easter eggs 3 times already! Ha! That is definitely a record for us. Walmart’s seasonal aisles are filled with the cutest crafts and tools you need for some fabulous holiday

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REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups Minis and Banana Pancakes: A Sunday Family Tradition

Daddy D has been making Sunday pancakes as a family tradition since our oldest started eating solids. It’s a family tradition that began with his father and it makes my husband happy to carry that legacy on. The kids and I can’t complain. Usually he adds health conscience additions to the pancake mix, like fruits and nuts, but sometimes he’s a little more indulgent. One particular Sunday he created mouth

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Easter Party Food and Playdate Ideas: DIY Easter Basket Pudding Snack

We had friends over recently and instead of a regular ol’ snack, I decided to create Easter party food that’s easy enough for a mid-week playdate. Actually, all I did was set out a few ingredients and let the kids create their own Easter basket “recipe”! I had some things in our pantry and picked up a few items during our weekly grocery run to Walmart, who is sponsoring this

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