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Better Together: When Older Siblings Become The Most Important Teacher

So I have a confession to make: my son hates school. But not his school, his sister’s school…. and she hasn’t even started yet. Earlier this month, my older daughter had summer school and he cried every single time we dropped her off. And not a sad-face cry…. a hysterical cry. It was heartbreaking and has me so nervous for back to school transition this week. Since my little man

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Fave Find: Yankee Candle Now at Walmart!

My favorite candle is coming to Walmart and for a price any mom will love! I’ve loved Yankee Candles for years, ever since my step sister introduced them to me. I use them exclusively over the holidays, especially since we use a fake tree, to bring the aromas of the holidays into our home. I’m a huge fan of Yankee Candle; they’re the only brand I buy when purchasing aromatic

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Being a Boy Mom: The Trick To Calming My Active Son

I try to stay away from generalized statements when it comes to behavior and gender; we all know kids that defy the stereotype of how a girl or boy is “supposed” to behave…. but my son is not one of them. As the saying goes, my kid is ALL BOY and sometimes he just plain wears me out. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Playskool and Socialstars over the

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KOA Ventura Ranch Review: California Glamping At Its Best

A few weeks ago, the kids and I (with some dear friends), “braved” some of the best glamping in California at KOA’s Ventura Ranch. As you can see, we were really roughing it in our Deluxe Log Cabin! In partnership with Toyota and the National Center of Families Learning, we learned that the art of camping has definitely been fine-tuned since I was a kid. And while I love adventure,

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Bilingual Printable Lunchbox Notes For Dual Immersion Students

A big reason we moved back to California – in addition to being closer to family – was to give our kids a high quality dual immersion education. I have to pinch myself these days, because it’s actually happening! In fact, my girl started a bilingual summer camp this week. It’s definitely been a adjustment for all of us, which is why I made these simple bilingual printable lunchbox notes

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Latina Moms Have Postpartum Depression, Too

Over 30% of Latina moms suffer from Postpartum Depression. So why did I refuse help? I knew there was a problem when the crying wouldn’t stop. I had given birth to a healthy baby girl via an emergency c-section, despite a normal, even easy, pregnancy and the feelings of failure morphed into emotions increasingly hard to shake. When my daughter was ten days old, she breastfed as I sobbed hysterically, overcome with

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