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Missing Out On Life Because of the Flu? Us, Too. Here Are 3 Ways To Make It Better.

We’re sick, missing out on the fun of life… and it stinks! To make things a little better, we’re happy to share this story sponsored by our friends from Clorox. Thanks for supporting the brands that help support our voices! It’s been a couple weeks since we got back from our magical trip to Disney World and our first Disney Cruise. We had a great time and I promise to

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40 Aspirations Before 40 Years of Life

Its been a few years since a friend turned 40-years-old and celebrated the milestone on Facebook with some wise words. For starters, I had no idea she was that much older than me. Her persona is nothing that I expected the age to represent; on-trend, still-evolving, a child the same age as mine… and totally at peace with who she had become in four decades. Her life was enigmatic, full

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Becoming Snow People

Big thanks to our friends at Boogie Wipes for sponsoring this story and helping us keep our boogies at bay – no matter how old the babies get! We crawled up the mountain with a long line of cars trailing behind us, but our pace could not be deterred: it was snowing and we were driving in it, towards the promise of a warm cabin with picture windows and snow-capped

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After 21 Days of Minimalism, My Home Is Just Enough

We’re chatting about keeping things simple today with our friends from Clorox. Thanks for supporting the brands that help support our voices! The first month of 2017 is almost over and so ends my purging ambitions. You know how it goes – new year, new house. Out with the old and in the goals for a clean, tidy home. After 21 days of a hardcore minimalist overhaul, I’m pretty sure

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And On The Seventh Year…

Queridad hija, beautiful fruit of my womb, Happy 7th birthday! Seven years ago was a big day for me. With presumption of self that would eventually be redefined by your existence, I made a baby with the man I love; together we made a family. We were married for 2 years, together for 5, and today that baby turned 7. Seven is a big number, too. The digit for luck,

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Cooking Up Memories, Messes And Legacy In The Kitchen

Some of my earliest memories as a child are from inside the kitchen – my mom packing lunches, my grandfather seasoning el lechon, my brother sneaking a piece candy – and they’re all filled with the aroma and flavors of a family well loved. When I think of what food culture means to our family legacy, I get super nostalgic. There’s nothing more comforting than hanging out in my mom’s

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