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ALMOND JOY Stuffed Cookies: Easy Recipe for Kids

This simple baking recipe combines my love of chocolate with my little one’s fascination with cooking alongside her mama. With the perfect flavor combinations of chocolate, almonds and coconut, this Easy Almond Joy Chocolate Chip cookie recipe is perfect for the novice baker who still wants to create “baking memories” with their kids. I’ve been cooking with my daughter since she was an itty bitty. At five years old, she’s

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The 6 Most Wonderful Things I’m NOT Grateful For

A couple weeks ago, my body gave out on me. I was hospitalized for a week in the ICU with a crazy intense pneumonia that nearly killed my kidneys (and me), plummeted my blood pressure and prompted every doctor that walked through the door to exclaim, “how did you get so sick!?” The rush to figure out how a seemingly healthy 34 year old woman is so dire that I

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Self Care for Mom: Natural Herbs and Supplements

While mama is taking care of the kids, the house, the husband… who’s taking care of mama? That’s a question I’m eagerly awaiting an answer to because, as I age, things aren’t feeling the same as they used to be. I’m learning that self care for mom is a must! However, my self care can not take too much time away from the family and work. The pursuit of balance

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Taking Care of Biracial Hair During Winter: 6 Tips for Healthy Curls

Taking care of biracial hair during the cold, winter months is an important task. Though it looks strong, curly hair is most susceptible to breakage, which prevents growth and length. In the winter, you might be running a forced-air heater, which sucks up the moisture in the air, and/or regularly wearing scarves, big jackets and beanies/hats. Kids are playing indoors more, meaning lots of rolling around on the floor or

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10 Reasons Your Multiracial Children Need To See “Annie”

On Christmas, we took the kids to the movies. It’s a holiday tradition set from my years in Vegas and, since we celebrate Cuban Noche Buena anyway, it ends up being a great way to spend Christmas morning. This year, we saw ANNIE. As a Latina mom raising multiracial children, I loved the film. LOVED! Before I give you 10 reasons why our mixed babies need to see this film,

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Easy Breakfast Ideas: Banana Yogurt Topped Rice Cakes

Getting the New Year off on the right start can seem like a daunting task, but sometimes the simplest, easy breakfast ideas are the ones that make the biggest difference to your day. I say it all the time, making sure my kids eat a solid breakfast is important to our family food culture and this quick and filling idea is perfect for busy family. All you need is 3

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