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This Little Boy Loves to Shimmer and Shine!

When it comes to his favorite television shows, my little boy doesn’t stick to one genre. He’ll quickly move from superheros or live sports to animated princess, but he’s latest obsession are the two little cuties of Nickelodeon’s newest show, Shimmer and Shine. Of course I love that the sisters display diversity in skin color and that the core message is centered about using teamwork to solve problems, but this

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How to Write Their Very First Love Letter: 6 Tips to Get Started

The task can seem overwhelming, but you’ll never regret the time spent cementing your aspirations and emotions into a tangible message that your child will cherish always. Whether your child is a brand new baby or a young adult heading off to college, their first love letter will become a gift – not just for them, but for you as well! There’s no wrong or right way to do it, but

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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates: Traditional Spanish Tapa

One of my all time favorite Spanish Tapas is bacon wrapped stuffed dates. It’s a traditional appetizer that’s perfect as party food. And since the big game is approaching, I can think of a group of people that would love this recipe. Sweet and savory and very easy to make, this Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates recipe is not to be missed. Not only are they yummy, making this recipe is

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Lemon Rosemary Tilapia Recipe: Meatless Monday

I plan a meatless meal for my family at least once a week, typically on Monday. I love that Meatless Monday challenges me to start the week off with healthy cuisine, as well as cook a meal that’s a bit better on the budget; like this Lemon Rosemary Tilapia recipe. With Lent approaching, this family food tradition will likely move over to Friday and I’m excited to start exploring new

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Stuffed Animal Storage For Dog Lovers: DIY Play Kennel

My 6 year old has been in love with dogs since as long as she could remember. When her friends play house, she’s always the dog. She loves to bark and, without fail, always chooses stuffed animal dogs as gifts. So, of course, when we moved into our new home in California, her room was destined to be dog themed and high on my agenda was figuring how to create

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Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks with Salami and Pesto

These delicious Cheese Stuffed Bread Sticks with Salami and Pesto is a sponsored recipe and written by me on behalf of Gallo Salame Company. All opinions on enjoying savory treats are totally my own. It’s almost time for the big game and, while some folks are excited for their teams to play, I’m all about the food! Don’t football parties always have a great spread? Bite-sized deliciousness wrapped in various

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