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Career Motherhood: How Working Moms Inspire

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One day I’ll write about how I became a Stay at Home Mom, but you might be surprised to know it wasn’t by design. Because I am a product of divorce, I was vehemently against being financially dependent and emotionally vulnerable with anyone. Since before I could remember, I felt that career motherhood was for me. But the universe had other plans: I met my husband, fell madly in love and in trust…. and got laid off the week I found out we were pregnant with Alina.

While I love giving them every ounce of me, I am beginning to wonder if  my children (especially Alina) would benefit from being raised by a career mother. I want my daughter to know that women “go to work” too – just like her Daddy does.  I want her to know that women are everything strong and powerful that men are. Without career focused moms, we wouldn’t have women in law, politics or medicine. I want Alina to grow up knowing she can be a great career woman AND a great mom. Not knocking anyone’s hustle, God knows my husband works his behind off to support our family, but creating De Su Mama has given me a sense of empowerment that I hope my kids find inspiring one day. I have goals am pursing them tirelessly, alongside my mothering obligations. My ambitions take time away from my kids, but the accomplishments gained will one day speak to the woman I wish to be. It seems that I am living the career motherhood experience I always thought I’d have, if even at a much smaller scale.

Career Motherhood

After Alina was born, while sitting in my mother’s home, I remember thinking, “at my age,  mom had two small kids and was going through a divorce. That sucks.” And it did suck – I can’t image going through what she did. Before having Alina, my memories were based around my experiences as a latch key kid. But now, I am constantly inspired at the memories of my mom, locked up in her office, studying all day and all night. Never giving up hope for a brighter future. I remember being at her college graduation, and the day she passed her certification, becoming a Registered Nurse. I remember the day she left for a European jaunt as a solo traveler, a vacation paid by herself. Would I want so much for myself, and be willing to work for it, had I not seen her persevere, struggle and ultimately succeed? Would I be as proud of her had I not felt the sacrifice it meant to our family to see her succeed? She is my career mother, and with every day that I struggle to find balance in my ambitions and mothering, I am inspired by her.

For many years, Johnson & Johnson has worked with its partners to care for the well-being of mothers and children around the world. It is estimated that Johnson & Johnson and its partners touch more than one billion lives each day through health care products, services and various programs, especially those of mothers and their children. The above photo represents a few of the many programs supported by Johnson & Johnson and its partner organizations to serve the health and well-being of communities and people around the world. Their mission of global motherhood is near to my heart, as not all moms have the same experience.

Johnson & Johnson will be at LATISM this year, a highly respected conference that will be held in Houston, in support of their theme “global motherhood”. Although I won’t be in attendance because of my mothering responsibilities, I am honored to be able to share this mission of global motherhood through my career in social media. BUT – You don’t have to attend LATISM to learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s endeavors to make the world a better place for mothers and children around the globe. I invite you to get involved in raising awareness about global motherhood by using your social networks for social good. I will be following Johnson & Johnson during the LATISM conference at @JNJStories and their #InspireCare hashtag on Twitter. Join me!

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration of Latino Bloggers Connect and Johnson & Johnson, in preparation of their “global motherhood” themed campaign at LATISM 2012. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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“Career Motherhood: How Working Moms Inspire”
  • I am in tears!!!! First off!! I wish you were coming to Houston!!! I want to meet you!!!! 🙂 Secondly. Not sure if you know..I am 3 weeks in, in this whole being a Stay-at-Home Momma situation and as someone who has worked her WHOLE life… it’s been really difficult to assimilate! I don’t know what or who or if I should..but I am here and I am going to figure it all out..I hope! Ha. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!!! BTW; is it informal if I wear jeans to the conference?? I was trying to look through your pics and I couldn’t see if you wore jeans any day… 🙂

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