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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush: My Birthday Gift From Mom

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So remember when I told ya’ll that I am doing a bang up job at ignoring my looks these days? Well, my Momma took notice of it too. And she wasn’t very thrilled.

After our vacation in San Diego last week {or was that two weeks ago?}, we drove a little further North to spend some time with our families. We arrived at my Mom’s house, unloaded the car, made plans to gather together for dinner that night and sent my hubby along to see his Mom. I was excited to be home and to finally have my Momma all to myself for a couple hours. And what is the first thing she wanted to do {after snuggling Alina}? Get my eyebrows done. I’m not kidding. She harassed me into her vehicle and drove me straight to the eyebrow lady! Ha! But seriously, is there anything better than finally seeing your eyeballs that were hiding under the wisps of eyebrow bangs?

Oh yes, there is! I introduce to you my new pet, the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush.

I don’t have terrible skin, but I wouldn’t say its awesome either. I get monthly hormonal breakouts, my poor pores are clogged from neglect and those “I’m not getting any younger” lines are starting to pop up around my eyes. On the contrary, my Mom has beautifully smooth, milky skin. Genetics? Nope. Part of her secret is using this amazing little brush twice a day for the last few years.

Developed by the makers of the Sonicare toothbrush, this cleansing system works to exfoliate your skin while removing caked on makeup and dirt. It vibrates like a gazillion times a minute, which when you use it in circular motions, is super effective in keeping your skin smooth and clean. It is water resistant, so you can use it in the shower.

Because of it price tag, I have never been rushing to the store to buy this product. But wowza, this thing is amazing! After just one use, I noticed an evening of my skin tone and a smoothing of its texture. I guess I had a lot of dead skin needing to be scrubbed off my face. I instantly thought, “You get what you pay for!”… high price tag {in this case} = results. And that is awesome.

Check out this page of the Clarisonic website to see some before of after pictures. The transformations might seem settle, but I still think this puppy is amazing. Momma got me a set that includes all these brushes: normal, sensitive, delicate and body {minus the new blue one that is for deep cleaning}. The set also came with a bunch of sample sized cleansers, and a full sized cleanser for normal skin. You can purchase the travel size brush for almost half the price of the full sized. I know a few people that have the Mia and love it too. I asked the counter gal about it, and she said the Mia does not lack in strength. The brush head is just smaller than its larger counterpart.

Although I whine that my Mom doesn’t out to see me often enough, she has always been extremely generous and caring. There are also a few departments my Mom does not mess around with: skin care and insurance. She always makes sure her baby is taking care of in both those fronts, and I love her for that. So, thank you Momma! I will officially start cleaning my face at least once a day

And, in case anyone is wondering, I am so not cool enough to be sponsored to write this post. For reals, my Mom bought this as a birthday gift, I use it once/twice a day, and I sincerely love it.

If you have and use one of these beauties, and especially if you’ve written a post about it, be sure to let me know! Happy Wednesday!

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