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Creating Meaningful Meals at Family Forward

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We had the best time at Family Forward in Orlando, Florida as partners with Barilla and their Share The Table initiative. Part of Share The Table is to help families create meaningful meals together for the betterment of their children. Have you seen the statistics on what consistent, quality meals with your family does to kids? If not, do your little ones a favor and check it out. What the research says about dinner time is mind boggling!

Creating Meaningful Meals at Family Forward

Family Forward is another family-focused initiative that I can’t rave enough about. It was a blast and unlike any other “blogging conference” I’ve experience. I adored having the kids and Daddy D along with me, creating family memories that we’re still soaking in now. During Friday, the families got to enjoy a sponsored presentation from the conference partners. The kids got to see an animal presentation, play with the latest toy developed by the makers of play-dough and, our favorite of course, make our lunch with Barilla! We made their delicious Penne Salad with Roasted Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Arugula Fresh Mozzarella and Basil.

The interactive workshop showed families how to make mealtime more meaningful. We got to hear some great tips from Dr. Elizabeth Doherty Thomas, too. I appreciated that she asked for the kids’ input – I loved hearing from our little ones about what mealtime means to them, or suggest ways in which their family can do it better. I also thought it was a great experience for my daughter to see older kids care so much about their family meal traditions.

After creating some actionable steps, Barilla’s Nutritionist, Anna Rosales, led the group in a fun activity – Pasta Yoga! Alina felt so special to be called up to the stage! Anna asked my girl what her favorite pasta shape was and what movement looked like it. Alina answered that her favorite pasta are shells because they look like clams; she also demonstrated a movement that I thought looked just like shells. Mama was so proud!

Afterwards, Barilla’s guest chef, Daniele Baliani, led us in a “lunch and learn” segment where we created our own pasta lunch filled with fresh herbs and veggies. The It was quick and the kids loved it! Creating Meaningful Meals at Family Forward

I was proud of the memories my family was creating together and, thanks to Barilla, realizing how easy it really is when we’re paying attention the values and people that really matter.

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