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5 Reasons A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost! Our Disney Cruise Reviews

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I had some great adventures as a kid – my dad had a boat and we camped nonstop during summer break – but nothing luxurious or faraway. I didn’t leave the country, except for the occasional trip to Mexico, until I was in my 20’s. We certainly never took a crucero Disney, so when I received the invitation to Disney Social Media Moms on the newly re-imagined Disney Wonder cruise ship, I was excited to share our first experience as family…. even though it came at a Disney cost!

Is a Disney Cruise worth the cost?

By far, the question I’ve gotten most often since we got back from our cruise is about value. It’s true that Disney comes at a premium, but my friends want to know if a Disney cruise is worth the cost of that premium. If you could get another cruise for a fraction of the cost, why do a Disney Cruise?

I talked about this at length in our family’s Disney Aluani reviews last summer and have come to the same conclusion when it comes to Disney Cruises: YES! When it comes to family travel, Disney vacations are worth the cost. In fact, I booked our 2nd Disney cruise while we were STILL ON-BOARD our first! It was that good, ya’ll.

Here are 5 reasons why a Disney Cruise is worth the cost…

Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids

Disney Details Brings Happiness To Life

It goes without saying that Disney knows how to do kids’ entertainment. My daughter is on the shy side, but all the Disney details on-board the Disney Wonder brought out every ounce of happiness. You embark the ship into what looks like the inside of a princess castle and cast members announce your family’s arrival in this sweeping, grandeur voice that instantly sets the mood for an amazing vacation. My little girl felt so special right from the start.

Dinner is never just a dining experience on a Disney Cruise. Of course the food is delicious with plenty of options for various dietary needs/restrictions, but it’s also packed with lively entertainment that elevate your vacation into the most wonderful family memories. From dancing with Tiana to learning how to draw your favorite characters, do NOT miss your dinner rotation! Rotational dining splits your dinner meals into three different restaurants (instead of one stuffed dining hall) and your wait staff come along with you to a each different one so the kids get to know them and hear their storytelling.

Our favorite restaurants on the newly re-imagined Disney Wonder were Tiana’s Place and Animator’s Palate.

Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids

Staterooms Designed With Family In Mind

When I read how small cruise staterooms are, I kinda of freaked out. But Disney Cruise Line staterooms are so well designed for families, with the split baths that make it easier for someone to use the restroom while another is getting ready. Almost all the staterooms have tubs, which are ideal for families with small children.

We sprang for the Deluxe Family Ocean view Stateroom with Verandah and it was worth every penny. The balcony overlooking the vast horizon was the perfect backdrop to our early mornings and, once the bunk bed was open and beds turned down, the family cuddled up for a Disney movie every night before bed. We even ordered room service of cookie and milk (free, of course!) as an evening treat. It was the perfect way to end our magical days together on the Disney Wonder.

Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids

On board Entertainment

When it comes to family entertainment, you’re really getting your money’s worth on a Disney cruise. Water features include slides, splash pads, wading pools and a deep pool for kids who love to swim. There is a movie theater (showing the latest Disney movie in 3D), beautifully crafted, Broadway-caliber musicals (they just announced the production of a Beauty and Beast show!) and plenty of daily activities to keep everyone in the family busy.

A favorite for our family were the deck parties! The Adventures Away party was the perfect way to start the vacation, with plenty of dancing with our favorite characters. Of course we LOVED Pirate Night, too! My son dressed up and danced the night away under the lights of fireworks off the deck. When my daughter and husband were all tuckered out, my little dude and I stayed up late watching a movie outside under the moon. Honestly, laying under the stars at 11pm watching a movie with my 4 year-old cuddled up on my lap is one of my most satisfying memories ever.

Kids’ Club/Oceaneer Club

Holy wow, I love this place so much that it’s a HUGE reason why we booked a second cruise! When other cruise lines cater to adults with casinos and slot machines, Disney puts its bets on making sure the kids are happy…. which of course makes mom happy 🙂

I have to say, on a day to day basis, we don’t use babysitters. The kids are either at school or with me. Sometimes they’re with my mom so that D and I can have a date night. So having a kids’ club in which they really really love being in is like striking a gold mine! No begging to leave, no phone calls asking when we’d return… just pure JOY to be entertained by the programming and fun activities the Oceaneer Club has planned each day.

Just like in Hawaii at Disney’s Aulani, every day the kids spent a couple hours at the kids’ club. One night they went back after dinner so D and I could have a drink with some friends. IT WAS AMAZING. I cannot stress this enough, friends. A kids’ vacation + an adults’ vacation = a family vacation that is treasured enthusiastically by everyone.

Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids

Unadulterated Family Time

I love to be on adventure. I love to learn. But I also know how much work it is to explore national monuments, pitch tents, tour museums, communicate in a foreign language… and sometimes I just want to focus on making magical memories with my kids.

A Disney cruise allows you to do that.

Sure, the ports of call are all exciting places to visit; Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay, was such a fun experience! But truly, when deciding whether a Disney cruise is worth the cost, don’t underestimate the value of your time on-board. All the food and soft drinks are free, making budgeting super easy too.

The kids are thrilled, ending each day exhausted from all the experiences. You’ll have time to yourself and with your spouse – to watch movies, go to the gym, play games or just have an after-dinner drink. And that’s what the goal is: create moments that your family will cherish.

Is A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost? Travel With Kids

So, if you ask me if a Disney cruise is worth the cost my answer will be yes. YES! My kids are young – 7 and 4 years old – and Disney vacations make it so easy to just show up and enjoy them. We all lead busy lives, so being given permission to soak up my babies is something I don’t take for granted.

Each cruise ship has its own web page to help you learn more before your travel. And of course you can plan and prep as much as any other Disney vacation (there are even Facebook groups for specific cruises!), but the beauty of a Disney cruise is that you really don’t have to. Come ready to enjoy and relax!

And since they Disney offered 10% off and plenty of on-board credit for booking a “placeholder” for another vacation within 2 years, we’re signed up for our next cruise! Who’s coming with us?!

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