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Easter Holiday Traditions: Pinterest Round Up

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Holiday Traditions to Keep Kids Busy

Spring Break is here for a lot of our little kiddos, which means it is time to get our creative thinking caps on. This break we are going to be focusing on celebrating the coming of Spring (hip hip hooray!) and creative Easter holiday traditions. Below are some treats, crafts and ideas to keep your beans busy over this break:

{1} Need a go to for how to boil those Easter eggs? Cheryl over at Tidy Mom gives you step by step directions and tips on how to make the perfect eggs for your little ones to dye this Easter. (Hint: Apparently there is a ‘gentle’ method to make one good egg!)

{2} If your family lives far away and you want to send a sweet on the cheap Easter surprise in the mail, here is a cute festive idea from Making Memories, mail an Easter Egg! What fun holiday traditions! That’s right, for about $1.50 you can snail mail these larger than life eggs via USPS. Even the mailman will be excited about this holiday treat that is sure to become a holiday tradition!

{3} Here is an easy and healthier alternative for this candy riddled holiday… gold fish carrots. That’s right, take goldfish (or Annie’s Bunny Snacks to keep with the Easter theme) and place them in a piping bag, seal and tie with green ribbon. This is sure to be the first ‘treat’ our preschool classmates will grab.

{4} Finding a craft that fosters creativity and the value of music is one that I can’t pass up. Here is a tutorial for Easter Egg Maracas that uses everyday items you have lying around the house. Fun for all ages!

{5} Paper plate crafts can be made for almost any holiday, and Easter is no exception! Create a super cute baby chick out of your paper plate this holiday season. Since it has little parent involvement it is a great activity for building independence and confidence in your youngsters (not to mention perfect for those mamas like myself who don’t have craft hands!). Thanks for the inspiration SIMPLE ASTHAT!

{6} Who wouldn’t want a girly girl Easter basket to match that pretty Easter dress? Organized Chaos shows you how to create a tutu Easter basket that is sure to make any little girl swoon Easter morning.

{7} Ramblings of a Handbag Designer seems to have Easter treats nailed! Here is a recipes that is just what the bunny ordered: Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball that is in the shape of a carrot? MMMMM. Yes, please! This is an EASY (Ipromise!) and cheerful dish that your little bunnies are sure to nibble right up.

{8} I don’t know who is more excited about this egg-tastic treat, me or my four year old. Follow this link for Easter Egg Popsicle . (For a twist on this treat, try filling the eggs with jell-o and placing the pops in the fridge.)

{9} The Bernstein Bears are at it again, explaining the values and traditions behind the Christian version of Easter in a way that little peeps can understand in The Easter Story. This is a great way to introduce your child to your own, or other’s faith, culture, values and Easter traditions for under $4 on Amazon.

{10} Egg your neighbors. No really! Hide Easter eggs in your neighbor’s yard, and place this cute free printable from eighteen25 on their door to announce the fun. What a creative way to teach your kiddos about the value of neighbors and start a new tradition in your neighborhood.

*List has been complied for us by resident Legacy Builder and mom of two, Lindsey. Love all these wonderful ideas; perfect for Easter holiday tradition!

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