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Fajita Bar: Weeknight Simple Meals To Fill Moms’ Appetite

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Fajita Bar Makes Dinner Quick And Wholesome

Creating a family legacy through food culture is something we do everyday. Whether it be by passing down family Cuban recipes or learning about foreign cultures, food is an awesome vehicle to transport kids to new ways of thinking. I’m excited to share a simple idea for a quick and wholesome family meal that will feed legacy building moms’ appetite: the Mexican Fajita Bar.

In partnership with Walmart’s new resource – the Simple Meals @Walmart site – I’m excited to share ideas for creating meaningful recipes that feed your family’s bellies, as well as their soul. Check out this fun, new resource for more simple recipes, coupons and cool tools for creating your grocery list.

Simple Dinner: Mexican Fajita Bar

Mexican Fajita Bar Essentials

Mexican fajita recipes require a few essentials, such as: the main entree (this can be chicken, beef, shrimp or even portobello mushrooms for a vegetarian twist), bell pepper and onion mix and various toppings.

To keep things quick and easy, I often pull two items out of my freezer for this Mexican Fajita Bar: fully cooked, frozen chicken breast with rib meat and frozen tri color pepper and onion blend. Along with a full flavored Mexican carne asada marinade, and you’ve created a simple meal that your family will love.

Here are a few of the other fixings I offer:

– Various salsas. Me encanta Marketside’s Pico de Gallo – fresh and simple ingredients!

– Avocado or avocado based salsa. Here, I mixed Marketside’s Chunky Avocado (our fresh ones were too hard to use the same day) with seasonings, a bit of salsa and frozen sweet corn to create a homemade Avocado Corn Salsa.

Key Limes. Because they’re adorable and my kids love them. Regular ones work fine, too.

Cilantro. For garnish and use. Some people hate it, but we can’t get enough!

Rice and beans. I consider this optional, but since I had some leftover Cuban black beans in the fridge, I included it in tonight’s Fajita Bar.

– Jalapeno peppers. I quickly grilled these after the chicken and peppers and they turned out yummy.

– Tortillas. A combination of flour and corn tortillas is a must. I use (and love) corn tortillas for the kids and I. But Daddy D uses a whole wheat flour tortilla instead. Warm them slightly before serving.

Simple Dinner: Mexican Fajita Bar Simple Dinner: Mexican Fajita Bar Simple Dinner: Mexican Fajita Bar

Food Culture Any Night Of The Week!

I love offering my kids food that speaks to their heritage and food culture. To be sure, Cuban food and Mexican food have differences, but man… I love me some Mexican cuisine! I also love that, when I serve my family a traditional Mexican Fajita Bar, I can infuse a part of my Latino culture to them.

For this simple meal, we’re using words like carne, pico de gallo, frijoles negros or pollo asado, instead of the regular pizza and casserole (which we also love!). Food culture is a large part of our family legacy – the types of food we eat everyday create opportunity to talk about values, language and even how food is sourced. I love that simple meals, like this Fajita Bar, accomplishes all that – even on a regular, old Tuesday.

Simple Dinner: Mexican Fajita Bar

*Disclosure: As a member of the Walmart Moms program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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