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San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park

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My Sister and Step Mom got us tickets to the San Diego’s Safari Park {what I had always called the Wild Animal Park} and it was amazing! Alina was amazed at the experience, and so was I. Loved this place.








The African Tram experience {a 30 minute tour through the many acres of the park’s varying landscape} comes free with admission. This is what we were on when I got most of these really cool shots, but… I want to be on THAT truck! You can purchase additional safari tours, and one of these days I will totally do the one that takes you up front with many of the animals. All the passengers have to be at least six years old, which means Alina will have to wait awhile {us too}.



A week after coming home, Alina is still yapping about the sleeping lion. We had a great time as a family in San Diego. So much so that I have been struggling to get back on schedule this entire week. A vacation from a vacation is what I need! Haha! Oh, and some more of the delish Mexican food we got in San Diego too! Although my hips would say otherwise…



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