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A 7 Year-Old’s First Mixed Curly Haircut!

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As I sit here thinking about how to start this post, a million stories before today are yearning to be told. I’ve been a mother to multiracial children for seven years and I’m always amazed at how prominent the theme of mixed curly hair has been. Indeed, this journey to loving natural curly hair started long before my daughter was born… but I digress. You’re here to see a 7 year-old girl with beautiful curly hair get her very first haircut and I totally understand. Because, well…

It. was. awesome.

biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut

Taking Your Kids To Natural Hair Events

As Alina grows up, I’m excited to do life with her; and not just in kid-centered ways. At 7 years-old, she’s mature for her age. She loves to chat it up with grown folks and specifically enjoys being around groups of women as we discuss current events, themes of life, etc. Try as I may, this is just her nature. Many times I’m shooing her off, encouraging her to play with the kids as the grown women chat, but she would rather be by my side then anywhere else.

So when the opportunity to attend a natural hair event  – Rizos on the Road – with my daughter in tow arose, I knew it would be a wonderful opportunity to explore “big girl issues”. These experiences make her feel close to me – kind of like our secret sisterhood – and as she grows, we’ll be leaning on these bonds as the foundation to our relationship.

If you ever have the chance to take your pre-tween/tween kids with you to a natural hair event, please do so! As well as great bonding time, the energy of curly hair empowerment and encouragement is not one often represented in our kids’ lives and I wanted to experience that with my girl. In fact, we missed a piano recital to attend our first natural hair event together and I don’t regret the decision for a moment.

Rizos on the Road is created by two Afro-Latina women who aim to explore multiracial identity, Afro-Latino culture as it relates to curly hair, as well as tips and tricks to caring for our natural tresses. It’s a national tour, so make sure to check out their next stops. And it was at this natural hair event that my 7 year-old got her very first curly haircut!

biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut

Her First Mixed Curly Haircut!

Alina was lucky to be selected as one of two people to get their hair cut during a live demonstration. Her hair was cut by Ona Diaz-Santin (otherwise known as The Hair Saint on Instagram). It was such a special moment! Ona was so sweet with my apprehensive girl, taking the time to introduce herself and chat with Alina about her hair goals. After the consultation (and basically smothering her with love), this was Ona’s plan:

  • Give her a basic trim to remove dead ends
  • Maintain overall length
  • Give shape to the hair so that it framed her face better
  • “Depoof” hair with interior layers

Curly Hair Tips I Learned

This was the first time a hair professional actually got their hands into Alina’s hair, so I was anxious to hear her thoughts and get some guidance. I was happy when Ona commented on the health of her hair and encouraged me to continue to focus on moisture and protection (Alina’s hair is rarely out these days). She confirmed that Alina has, at minimum, 3-4 different hair textures on her head – ranging from 3b-4b.

I also learned that sometimes it takes people OTHER THAN mom to reinforce the importance of curly hair care, self love and, basically, anything cool.

biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut

Teaching Our Kids To Love Their Curly Hair

After the cut with Ona, Alina was asked to stand in front of a huge group of women and comment about the experience. YOU GUYS, I was SO proud of her. Standing tall and with her curls on full display she told all these grown women – many who had just shared their tumultuous past learning to love their naturally curly hair – that she LOVES her curls. She said, “I love my curls because my mom said I was made this way on purpose”.

After all these years, I know for a fact that my daughter is on a healthy path towards self awareness. Yes, straight hair is pretty, but I want her to know that she was made with tight curly hair and dark brown skin because that’s what I WANTED. This isn’t an accident; her hair isn’t a chore; her skin isn’t a challenge to overcome. In our parenting, we expect respect and love for our blackness because we are a family that was created on purpose, with love and intention.

Society may say otherwise, but at 7 years-old, a mother’s opinion still reigns supreme. So even if I wasn’t married or my pregnancies weren’t planned, I would tell my children the same thing: that they were perfectly and purposefully made.

biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut

After The Curly Haircut

Anyone with curly hair will tell you that it takes a few days or weeks for a cut to look its best. You gotta get home, wash it again and let the curls fall into their new place without a stylist pulling at them. At the end of this day, Alina’s hair was extra big because of the constant touching but I knew right away her first haircut had been a success.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed since Alina got her first curly haircut:

  • I can see her face while her hair is down!
  • There is way less volume to combat when her hair is down.
  • Her ends feel healthy.
  • She needs significantly less conditioner.
  • Her ponytails and protective styles are way easier to do with so much less hair.

biracial mixed curly hair tips and first haircut

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