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The Time I Was On TV: Watch Food Fighters This Week!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Walmart. As a Walmart Mom, I get emails from them all the time – no big deal – but this one was different. They wanted me to be ON TELEVISION as part of the judging panel for NBC’s food challenge show, Food Fighters. The first episode will air Thursday, July 2nd on NBC and mine will be on next week. You

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Homemade Mustard Pretzel: 4th of July Recipes To Cook With Kids

4th of July recipes for kids to cook! Food culture is an important way of learning about a country and with 4th of July party season right around the corner, we’ve been talking a lot about how the United States was founded. We’re chatting about independence and immigration and it’s been fun teaching Alina about the legacy of our beloved country. As a Walmart Mom, I was asked to share a

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Cooking With Kids: Labels, Laughs and Lots of Love in the Kitchen

As Latina mom, cooking is a huge part of our family legacy. I’m excited to collaborate in this compensated campaign with Soy Connection by United Soybean Board and Latina Bloggers Connect. In fact, these silly babies are happy to be learn just about anything I want to talk about. Lately, it’s been about labels and the ingredients we use often in the kitchen. When we moved back to California, after

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My Picky Eater And The Veggie Smoothie He Loves

It’s been six month since we sold our home and moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and things are finally starting to settle down. The kids are enrolled in school for next year, Alina is even enrolled in a Spanish summer camp, but there are parts of our life that are still not settled into a healthy routine. To be specific, our diets are so chaotic! I know the blame

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A Food Culture of Vegetables? Call Delivery!

When my daughter was a baby, I subscribed to a vegetable co-op. It was the best thing ever. Every Saturday I would wake up super early and visit a local park to pick up our bounty. I loved it! But now that I’m a busy mom of two (and no longer a less busy mom of 1 immobile baby), the thought of rushing out of the house at 6am on

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The Cuban Burger: A Twist On The Traditional Recipe

Cuban Recipes and Traditions I can remember, as a very young girl, standing in my grandfather’s corner grocery store while his giant press smashed the outside of my sandwich. I knew the goodness that awaited me, so I remained patient. Eventually, I would devour that wonderful Cuban Sandwich in a few minutes. Tops. This was before the panini press was cool or Cuban recipes were all the rave. So when

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