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5 Cuban Recipes Using A Rotisserie Chicken

In an effort to streamline and minimize our lifestyles, I’m back on the menu planning wagon with gusto. When my babies were little and Daddy D worked super long hours, I was diligent (and it saved my sanity!) to know what was for dinner each night. I was also able to plan for the exposure of food culture for my kids and used these 5 Cuban recipes as a foundation

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The Cuban Burger: A Twist On The Traditional Recipe

Cuban Recipes and Traditions I can remember, as a very young girl, standing in my grandfather’s corner grocery store while his giant press smashed the outside of my sandwich. I knew the goodness that awaited me, so I remained patient. Eventually, I would devour that wonderful Cuban Sandwich in a few minutes. Tops. This was before the panini press was cool or Cuban recipes were all the rave. So when

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Cuban Style Codfish Fritters – Frituras de Bacaloa

Since moving back to California, I’ve learned more about the Cuban recipes I grew up on. Perhaps most interesting is the impact my grandfather had on the foods I ate. Passed down through generations and then sold in our family’s Corner Market, this Cuban style Codfish Fritters (called Frituras de Bacalao in spanish) is served as an appetizer, especially during Lent, and made with salted cod. The traditional Cuban recipe

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Cuban Chicken Soup con Barilla Fideo Cut Spaghetti

There’s nothing like Cuban Chicken Soup (or Cuban Sopa de Pollo con Fideo) to heal your insides and, when I’m not feeling great, that’s exactly what I make. The winds in Vegas have picked up and everyone in my house is suffering – from allergies to symptoms of the common cold, we’re all sick! As a Share The Table Ambassador for Barilla, I love sharing stories of the ways we create

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Cuban Arroz con Leche: Hispanic Recipe Traditions

Hispanic Heritage and Cuban Rice Pudding Second only to language, passing down your family legacy is most effectively done in the kitchen. You can remember your own family legacy by passing down recipes and offering your children the spices of your youth. And with Hispanic Heritage Month kicking off last week, the opportunity to explore Hispanic recipes like this Cuban Arroz con Leche (otherwise known as rice pudding) gives you

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Cuban Pastelitos de Carne (Picadillo): Easy BTS Snack

Cuban Recipes for Back to School If anywhere in their lives, my kids embrace multiculturalism and their Cuban heritage through their stomachs. They might not be (fully) bilingual (yet!), but Alina can woof down Cuban recipes como una Cubanito sincera. Walmart asked me to share our favorite back to school snacks and quick meals, so I’m showcasing one of my all-time favorite BTS snacks as a kid: the Cuban Pastelito

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