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How To Create A Bedroom That Fosters Positive Multiracial Identity

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I’m excited to partner with Serta and Mattress Firm for these tips on fostering a positive multiracial identity for our babies. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our voices!

Looking back at my youth, time spent in my bedroom was pivotal to my developing identity. I can vividly remember hours reading on my bed, writing in my journals, even decorating the walls with posters and trinkets to reflect who I thought I was – or hoped to be. Now that I’m a mom to a multiracial child who is quickly approaching her tween years, creating a bedroom that fosters positive identity has become a priority.

I’m absolutely aware that our multiracial children need SO much more than a curated room to promote self-awareness and a balanced self-esteem, but I won’t discredit the impact a person’s intimate space (like their bedroom) has on their day-to-day perceptions either.

So, in hopes to create a space in which my growing girl feels represented and inspired, I’ve created a couple rules for this project. First, her space will continue to practice our version of Minimalism, not just design. By minimizing our belongings, the kids learn to value the things we keep; that every belonging has a place; that an orderly space helps us achieve harmony and peace on a day-to-day basis. My daughter is fully bought into the ideals of Minimalism (my son is another story!)

Secondly, Alina will be (mostly) in control of this project. Where things are hung, which images are framed and the smaller details are her totally vision.

foster positive multiracial identity

Creating Your Multiracial Child’s Bedroom

OK, let’s get started! This list of ideas for your multiracial child’s bedroom isn’t the typical home design post. While there are so many beautiful kids/tween bedroom design ideas online, this isn’t about that. Instead, I want to share how the things we add to our child’s bedroom – a space in which they spend a good deal of time – can help foster their understanding of self, the world and the inspirations that will spark their lives.

Here are 5 things your multiracial child needs in their room…

Supportive, comfortable mattress: The bed is the focal point in any room and the mattress, especially for our growing tweens who need quality sleep, is the most important feature. Who cares about pretty bedding when your sleep is awful? Alina’s new mattress is the Serta iComfort Temp Touch mattress sold exclusively at from Mattress Firm  and it’s helped give her a quality night’s rest.

Have you slept on a memory foam mattress before? They’re amazing but are known to absorb body heat. Not anymore! The revolutionary TempActiv Technology from Serta means that their newest collection of memory foam mattresses helps comfortably cool and support every curve of your body by using millions of TempActiv Gel beads to dissipate heat away from the mattress surface.

Alina is sleeping really well on her new mattress and I’ve tested it a few times too. D and I have a traditional (and very expensive) memory foam mattress and we ALWAYS get hot, so the cooling technology in the Serta iComfort TempTouch series makes a big difference.

Also (and maybe most importantly), these mattresses are a great value. When you purchase from Mattress Firm, you can be sure that you’re getting an unbeatable value. No need to spend an unbelievable amount of money (like I have) and still not get the latest technology.

foster positive multiracial identity with tween bedroom tips

A reflection of the way they see the world: Alina took an art class recently and learned how to use art/drawing techniques to express how she sees the world. It was so empowering for her! She decided to keep and hang her favorites on an art wall, which is always changing and evolving.

When we go on family travel adventures, I have the kids draw/write in a travel journal and those creations often end up on the wall as well. Creating a space for our kids to showcase reflections of their world allows them to see what they love about it. And for Alina, that’s a world as full of animals, nature and lots and lots of dogs.

A reflection of the way the world sees them: The beauty of multiracial identities is more prominent and visible than ever before, but it should go without saying that our kids need plenty of representation in their own bedroom. I do this primarily through photography with friends and family that remind her of a happy memory; especially with those who are also mixed race.

I have yet to add a mirror to her bedroom, but that would be good too! Artwork/posters of inspiring mixed race celebrities could also be fun (Misty Copeland for your ballet dancer or images of Alicia Keys for your musician, for example).

multiracial-kids-identity-dsm-1 multiracial-kids-identity-dsm-2

Books that project ideals and values: Apart their multiracial identity, make sure your little ones also keep books/toys that project their ideals and values. Have a strong, rebel girl? Have an animal lover? Raising a bilingual child? There are books that help to normalize and embrace almost any value.

I spent hours and hours on my bed reading anything I could get my hands on. Ensuring that my girl has books that inspire her ideals and spark passion into life is a big factor in how her room is created.

Peace and tranquility: Ok, so this isn’t really a thing but it’s something I think about daily: her bedroom is not a place for yelling or chaos. After all, what good is a perfectly designed bedroom with a gloriously comfortable bed if it’s not a space your child feels peaceful in? I’m not perfect at this, but minimalism helps a TON because I’m not yelling at my kid to clean up her room every day; although we’re still learning how to put things back in their place, dirty clothes in the laundry hamper and bed made in the morning.

We strive to create a bedroom where we can discuss life, her hopes and dreams or read a great book together without lingering stress. This is another reason for having a comfortable, large mattress because it promotes togetherness and offers us a place for cuddles and chats.

bedroom fosters positive multiracial identity biracial kid

My daughter’s room is ever-evolving, as is her multiracial identity. But I hope that as she continues to look her within herself  – and the world – to tell her who she is, she’ll also remember to find herself at home, to.

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