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Getting the Most Out of Summer Camp: Alina Does Drama!

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When I was young, I loved going to summer camp. From marine biology to my requisite soccer camp, attending summer camp was my opportunity to learn subjects I didn’t get exposed to during the school year, meet new friends and engage in my community.

This summer was Alina’s first one as a school kid, meaning she attended preschool all year long and has a new routine during the summer months. We’ve been having lots of fun together! We swim, we go on playdates, we visit the amazing children’s museum when Vegas days are just too hot to play outside. But, I also wanted Alina to explore and grow through summer camps this year too.

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Summer Camp

This summer Alina took a few different summer camps, but her favorite of all was focused on drama and theater. For an entire week, she came together with other 4-7 year old kids (whom she didn’t know at all) and practiced projecting their voices, speaking in turns and using their bodies to communicate (or, as Alina calls it, “bottie language”).

At the end of the week, her little class put on a theatrical performance that was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. There was one other girl that was equally impressive, but I have to say… my girl stole the show! She was the main character (the Queen Crab) in the first half of the show, using her exaggerated facial expressions to “speak” her lines. It was SO cute! Even the teacher came up to me later to rave about Alina’s performance. In the second half, she and another little girl were by far the best in the show, having memorized their lines and projecting them at the correct time. Alina was engaged and having fun. Now this is what summer camp is all about!

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Summer Camp

Although Alina did help pick out some of her camps, I chose experiences that also reinforced my parenting values. I want Alina to feel secure in her voice and know how to use it to motivate, inspire and persuade a group. I want her to be a leader, and also know when to follow for the interest of the group. I think drama camp set a foundation of learning that implemented those learning experience. We both cannot wait until next year to take it again!

I learned so much about making summer camp a valuable experience for my girl, which is why I’m excited to be over at the Tampico Mom Blog celebrating the colorful moments of motherhood with a post on my 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Summer Camp.

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