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Ground Turkey Rolled Tacos

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I consider myself an all American girl with a certain liking to Latino cuisine. More than any other food, my palate craves the salty, often smoky and fried, flavors of the Carribbean. Being Cuban, nearly every dish begins with a sofrito and ends in my mouth. YUM! I grew up on tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers and it’s what my kids are growing up on too. This ground turkey rolled tacos is the perfect mix of flavors.

I love finding new ingredients on store shelves and working them into my cooking to bring that distinct Latino flavor of my childhood. But making traditional Latino dishes can be time consuming; time I don’t always have. Saving time, while not sacrificing flavor, is a must in our household. Sometimes I use bouillon cubes, but the fact that they don’t dissolve instantly or easily adds an additional step that I often time skip. But using plain water lacked an element of flavor that I love.

So when I had the opportunity to test out this new product from Mazola, a company most Latino families are familiar with, I was super excited! Mazola Sobrecitos bouillon packets are filled with premium ingredients and made with natural sea salt, which is more refined and less processed than table salt. Available in two flavors, chicken and tomato, I found that Mazola Sobrecitos made is easier for me to add a complex flavor to my dishes without a ton of fuss. Perfect for a busy Latina Americana trying to keep the flavors of her culture alive for the next generation…

I tested the product for a whole week, making everything from Arroz con Pollo {rice with chicken, Cuban style} to a simple Pollo con Papas {chicken and potatoes} and was pleased with the level of flavor the packets added. And it really was as easy as adding spices. No need to dissolve before hand.

For this post, since I had a couple pounds of ground turkey that needed cooking, I decided to amp up Taco Tuesday with some new spices. To top it off, I fried all of the yummy goodness together. They turned out SO yummy!

List of ingredients for the taco filling:
~ Ground Turkey
~ Bell Peppers
~ Onions
~ Garlic
~ Tomatoes {canned or fresh works}
~ Mazola Sobrecitos bouillion packets, Tomato flavor
*I used two packed since I was cooking two pounds of ground turkey
~ Pepper

Simply coat the pan with oil {I used Mazola oil because it was provided to me} and sauté all the ingredients together, making sure to scrape the pan for all that yummy stuff at the bottom.

After your taco filling is prepared, let it cool enough to handle and get the remainder of your ingredients organized for the rolling. This is the part where Alina got her hands dirty. It’s been a few weeks now that she has been a regular helper in the making of dinner, and I admit to altering recipes in order to find an age appropriate task for her {when there isn’t, she just helps me make a salad}.

In addition to the ground turkey filling, I also used a part skim milk Mexican cheese that melts in your mouth and some finely chopped cilantro. You will also need corn tortillas and tooth picks to keep your rolled tacos together while frying.

On a corn tortilla, add a teaspoon of the ground turkey filling and top with cheese and cilantro. You can also mix the cheese into the filling, which is what I should have done if I was patient enough to let the filling cool completely! Alina and I had a blast working together in our taco production line. I got a kick  out of her little fingers working their magic. I can’t believe how big my girl is these days.

*Here is a tip of advice I learned AFTER attempting this recipe: it is much easier to work with tortillas that are warm. Heat them in the microwave for a few seconds before filling to ensure they don’t break when rolling or frying. Or else they WILL break WHILE frying, if not before. Not cute. Still very edible. But not cute.

So let’s pause to gawk at these beauties…. DELISH! I’m not sure why I even went on to fry these bad boys when they were perfectly sinful enough as is. How would I know? I may have eaten two or three at this point 😉

Once rolled and tooth picked, be sure your oil is hot enough {usually at 350 degrees} and drop them in until golden on all sides. Try not to eat another two or three…

These were so much fun to make, and the recipe could be be altered to use shredded chicken and different cheeses. The Mazola Sobrecitos Bouillon packets definitely added that taste I was looking for, but without all the fuss.

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