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Healthy Smile, Healthy Kid: The Importance Of Oral Health Care

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Daddy D and I agreed a long time before having kids that oral health would be a top priority for us, as parents. Not only did we want to provide a healthy foundation of oral health care, but we want our children to feel confident with their smiles. I am a strong believer in the connection of self confidence and success, and being comfortable with your smile is one way to ensure a confident presentation of yourself. Personally and professionally.

That might seem a bit superficial, but if you have ever met someone that has dealt with self esteem issues because of their teeth, you would understand our diligence in ensuring a healthy smile for Alina. A healthy smile can change the way a person presents themselves to the world, the amount of laughter and smiles they allow into their lives, and according to latest research, “some studies suggest that poor oral health may be linked to other health complications, including stroke, heart disease and diabetes.” {See research link below.}

Throughout my professional years in the social service field, I have seen the ramifications of poor oral health care firsthand. Especially with children. And even more specifically with Latinos. It is heart breaking to see a young child lose a baby tooth long before they should because of decay and lack of proper care. I can’t count how many Latino families I have sat with and explained the importance of regular dentist visits. Many times, these parents were shocked with the severity of the child’s dental problems, which made me question whether they were reporting concerns to their dental professionals at all. So, when I read the results of this study, I can’t say I was all that surprised.

The Hispanic Dental Association, in connection with Proctor and Gamble brands Crest and Oral B, conducted a recent study which noted that 65% of Hispanics have experienced at least one oral health care issue in the past year, compared to 53% of the general population. And the most profound issue arises in the general misconception of oral health care as evident in recent survey results. My belief is that a lack of knowledge is usually the root of most issues, not being of a specific culture or heritage; most all parents want to do the best for their kids and would do so if they knew better. I am grateful to have a solid foundation of oral health care knowledge and passed the true or false survey that so many of my fellow Latinos did not. I hope to pass on the knowledge and routine of oral health care to my children.

To see how you rate in your knowledge of oral healthcare, check out the bilingual brochure and take the survey yourself here. For more information on the study, check out the Mini-report for shocking statistics of the gap between reality and existence of oral health issues and information of survey methods used to develop the statistics. This study is based on the Hispanic population, compared to the “general population”, but can be beneficial to anyone who worries about the health of their teeth and smile. For even more information on the topic, visit:

Disclosure: While I wrote this post while participating in a compensated campaign with Procter & Gamble and Latina Mom Bloggers, all opinions expressed are my own. I 100% believe a healthy smile, in part, means a healthy kid. I love Alina’s big, healthy teeth. And as her Momma, I will provide the best oral health care we can afford to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

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