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How to Make Baby Food – The Quick and Easy Way

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I wrote a post once about how to make baby food when Alina was itty bitty. I thoroughly researched and had an intensive process establish to ensure she consumed all her nutrients during breakfast. Everything she put in her mouth was homemade and organic. I was one happy mama knowing she was growing healthy and strong from my efforts.

Then I had a second baby who was ready to start solids, and I asked myself: do I really have the time to figure out how to make baby food while tending to two kids? The answer? Sure, kinda.

How to Make Baby Food

Reality is that I don’t have the time and energy to cook every single ingredient that Sebastian eats. So, when he was six months old, I started him on a modified version of Alina’s Super Baby Food breakfast plan. Here are a few tips on how to make baby food, kinda:

– Super Greens are super important and I find that pre-made baby food just doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of dark leafy greens for my liking. So, for Sebastian’s breakfast, I always keep a variety of dark leafy greens which have been steamed and blended in my frig/freezer. This is the only part of his breakfast that I cook ahead. Even so, cooking only one ingredient, instead of ten or more, is much more feasible.

– I buy organic jarred baby food in stage 1 or 2 which is mostly, if not entirely, a Super Orange. (If you’re wondering why I keep calling the foods “super”, read the post on Alina’s breakfast where I list the resources for how to make baby food) So jarred food where the first ingredient is either carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, etc.

– I buy organic grains and baby cereals. Yes, I used to grind my own. And no, I don’t have time to do that anymore.

– I still use additives such as Brewers Yeast and fish oil (both of which I find at Whole Foods) to boost nutritional value to his breakfast.

– Sebastian also gets a source of vitamin C. Nowadays, at 9 months, he enjoys slices of tangerine.

Yes, the fish oils are disgusting. Yes, it takes time to prep, steam and blend the kale. But Sebastian is a happy eater, and healthier because of the few minutes I take to ensure he gets as good of a start as his sister did.

How about you? Any suggestions on how to make baby food, or cheat the system? Have you read or follow the Super Baby Food diet, too?

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“How to Make Baby Food – The Quick and Easy Way”
  • Those are awesome tips! I am definitely going to be adding a few of them to my baby food making regimen. I like to just take a Sunday afternoon about every 2 weeks to prepare our blends to be frozen. It works well for us, because hubby is home to help with the kids who like to take part, but only for a little while. Kale is one of our favorite things to cook with!

  • I’m actually reusing your tips for baby b(or more like toddler b)! We’ve had a couple bouts of serious constipation, which I attribute to the fact that he has stopped eating veggies all together, so I had to get creative. We use a chocolate flavor superfood that contains veggies and fruits since he loves chocolate milk, and I’ve been buying baby food (squash, green beans, and corn) to mix with his Mac & Cheese. He’s a little Sherlock, so he’ll figure it out eventually, but for now it’s working!

  • I made M’s baby food, but I never considered the lack of greens in a typical “baby food” diet (therefore, I incorporated very little — if any — leafy greens). I also never included fish oil or anything like that. This is certainly something to keep in mind when baby #2 is in the works. Thanks for the info!

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