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Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

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Great Wolf Lodge opened in Southern California just about six months ago and, last weekend, we had the incredible pleasure of previewing the super popular, water park hotel during their Howl-o-Ween festivities. You likely already know, but let me tell you too, this family friendly hotel is all about making memories with your kids with tons of family-focused events, nonstop water fun and all sorts of activities that keep big and small kids dreaming of their next adventure.

Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun

Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

Being our first time visiting Great Wolf Lodge Southern California, the kids spent most of their day at the huge water park facility which houses water slides for every level of excitement, splash pads for babies/toddlers, a wave pool and boogie boarding area, a place to play basketball, an obstacle course and even an outdoor pool. Without even checking out all the offerings at the hotel, the kids were already convinced at Great Wolf Lodge was the coolest hotel they had every stayed in.

Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun

Both of my babies braved some big slides, but the most fun was when we went down as a family! There are two group water slides, but (since Sebastian didn’t meet the height requirement) we only went down one. Oh my goodness, what a thrill! I would visit GWL again just to go down that slide with these silly, screaming kids again! They also did the mat slide over and over with the dad, too. These three had so much fun together!

So, other than kids screaming with joy, what else is there for a mom to love about the water park at Great Wolf Lodge? I loved that you can’t access the water park unless you’re a registered guest (keeping capacity to a limit). I love that there were life jackets and puddle jumpers of all sizes at various stations throughout the water park. Sebastian can swim, but not great and I still worry. I also loved that there were life guards everywhere and at all times. GWL’s water park was extremely well organized, very clean and efficient too. I loved that there were always plenty of towels, places to sit. The outdoor pool area was my favorite, as it had a Bar+Grill with great food! All these things are important to me when thinking about a happy family vacation.

Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun

Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge

Because this was my first time at Great Wolf Lodge, I wanted to learn more about how it fits into the amusement park scene here in Southern California… especially around the holidays. In touring the facility during the media event, I got to chat with of GWL’s senior executives about their mission and that’s when it all clicked for me. Great Wolf Lodge is all about making memories.

It’s all about bringing families together for traditions and holidays… under one roof. Grandparents and cousins and best friends can wake up, eat, drink and have a blast together without driving around town or crazy amounts of coordinating. So, if helping families make memories is the goal, Great Wolf Lodge is getting right.

As for the holidays, Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge was so much fun. The special events made for exciting nights of trick-o-treating, scavenger hunts, Magi Quest games and, finally at the end of a busy day, story time with Wiley the Wolf (which easily draws of huge crowd, so get there early!).
Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun

Great Wolf Lodge Extras

Great Wolf Lodge isn’t just a water park, though. Their lower level is packed with all sorts of fun. From mini golf and an arcade, to a 6d movie experience and stuffed-animal making experience… there is so much for kids to get excited about.

Alina and I enjoyed a mommy + me manicure at Scoops Salon. Perfect for special occasions or just some pampering, she felt so special hanging out with mom like a big girl.

But if I could only budget for one upgrade, it would absolutely be for the themed rooms at Great Wolf Lodge… just look at adorable our Wolf Den room was!!!

The kids adored this special nook and the bunk beds. When we go back, we’ll totally pay a bit more for this awesome, premium room.

Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun Great Wolf Lodge Howloween Holiday Fun

All over the resort I saw large groups of families and friends… all generations with kids of various ages. They were spending time together, making memories and every one was happy.

The busier we get as a family, I’m starting to appreciate these types of hotels and vacations every more. The kids had so much fun and can’t go back soon enough. Great Wolf Lodge was a great place for them and for families looking to cherish their moments together and relish in the joy of childhood.

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