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Inspire a Love of Travel Without Leaving Home

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Inspired Travel

The year D and I met (many years ago), I traveled more than I had done in all my years prior. But, it wasn’t with him. It was actually with, and because of, one of my closest childhood friends. My friend Alice has traveled the globe and despite my constant excuses, convinced me that experiencing other countries first-hand can truly alter your personal identity and world view. My friend had given me the gift of inspired travel.

I want those experiences for my children. More than anything, more than even the plenitude of memoirs I’ve written to them, I wholeheartedly believe that travel {international travel, specifically} will guide them in defining who they become.

The kids are still so young, and in truth, our budget is only now loosening up, so international family travel will have to wait another couple years. However, that doesn’t mean I have to wait to instill a love of purposed and inspired travel. Thanks to an new upcoming series on culture parties and to this Made-By-Moms learning adventure, Little Passports,  Alina and I have begun to experience what other countries might be like.

little passports, travel with kids, biracial babies, mixed family, inspired travel

Little Passports is a geographic learning adventure, with Sam and Sophia as the travel guides, which allow your kids to learn about a new country or state each month! We tried out the Little Passports World edition, which took us on a learning adventure to Japan. The world edition begins with an explorer kit, complete with a suitcase, a wall sized map, passport, travel stickers and plenty of activities to help your child understand more about that month’s country. Also included are cute photos and letters from Sam and Sophia, making the adventure come to life. Alina and I had so much fun learning about Japan, and plan to continue our learning throughout the month.

Especially interesting for younger learners is reviewing the map to help them visualize where other countries are, relative to where they are. Geography is still an abstract understanding for a three year old. Nevertheless, beginning the conversation of culture appreciation and the hope to one day visit the far off lands is important. For that reason, Little Passports makes it easier than ever to introduce culture and cultivate the global citizen in our children.

little passports, travel with kids, biracial babies, mixed family, inspired travel

little passports, travel with kids, biracial babies, mixed family, inspired travellittle passports, travel with kids, biracial babies, mixed family, inspired travel

I’ve been bugging my dearest travel friend, Alice, to have a baby so that we can begin our traditions of international family travel. She gave birth to her first son a few months ago, and no doubt has already started to plan their first trip. I have no excuses now!

In the meantime, I am excited to begin this new phase of learning for Alina. While the ABCs and 123s are sure to be stressed, the importance of inspired travel and living, along with an appreciation of culture, is heavy on my mind. Well organized and kid-tested, monthly services like Little Passports makes it so much easier, too.

How about you guys: Do you purposefully teach the value or travel or culture appreciation, even if you can’t leave home to do so? Have you heard of or subscribe to Little Passports? I would love to know your thoughts!

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“Inspire a Love of Travel Without Leaving Home”
  • These passport kits are adorable! What a fun way to introduce different cultures and Countries to young children. We haven’t talked much about travel unfortunately. We mostly talk about the different states that are near us or that we have personally visited. Sometimes my little girl will ask me what language a person is talking when she notices they ate not speaking English or Spanish. A while back she expressed interest in learning Chinese so we looked at sample writings and she “practiced” writing her name in Chinese. That was a fun project!

  • How am I just now reading this post? I am so touched, and can’t wait for many years of family vacations and spending time with a beautiful family that we care so much about! Love you! xoxo

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