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5 Tips To Host A Friendsgiving Party That Truly Honors Your Tribe

This is a sponsored conversation about the exciting tradition of Friendsgiving, written by me on behalf of Del Monte ®. All opinions are my own, but I have a feeling you’ll want to host your own Friendsgiving party after seeing these pictures! My latest obsession: Friendsgiving parties. I hosted my first one last year and I’m hooked. Maybe it’s because I’ve formed a tribe that honors me wholeheartedly or the fact that

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Falling for Mom Friends And Coffee Breaks

It’s that season again and time to #FallforStarbucks! This story of friendship and gathering is sponsored by Starbucks but the opinions are completely my own and based on my experiences. It’s official: I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my mom friends. It’s been over a year that we moved to Southern California, the place we ultimately decided to build our family legacy, and we’re still as happy as

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Pinecone Crafts: Glitter Name Cards for Christmas Table

This year will be my first time hosting Christmas morning brunch at our new home in California and I’m pulling out all the stops. From the menu to the decor, the kids and I have been busy ensuring Christmas morning will be filled with all the sounds, smells and tastes that memories are made of – including making an abundance of pinecone crafts! During my regular grocery shopping trip at

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10 Neighbor Christmas Gift Basket Theme Ideas

One thing I never knew I needed was great neighbors. Now that I have them, I don’t know what we’d ever do without this amazing community that we’ve created such a special bond with. And so, I’ve been thinking about neighbor Christmas gift basket ideas that will express just a fraction of how much my husband and I appreciate them. I got everything I needed for my neighbor Christmas gift

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Tips To Hosting Family Game Night That Adults And Kids Will Love

If Latinos know how to do anything, its multi-generational partying. Birthday parties, family game night, holiday parties or any kind of celebration generally is meant for family of all ages. While I think this is a great way to build family legacy and pass down cultural roots, one of these generations can often feel left out of the experience. Ultimately, I think there’s an art to hosting family game night

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Simple Siblings Costumes: DIY Halloween Western Wear

It seems as though the kids simply cannot decide what to be this Halloween. One day they’re excited to be something together, the next, not so much. So instead of spending a bunch on pre-assembled costumes (or risking low stock closer to Halloween), I started to think about siblings costumes that could be pulled together quickly. So when Walmart asked me to create a DIY Halloween costume, this simple siblings

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