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March to March: A Love Letter to You

What a difference a year makes, sweet Angel of mine. Not only can I not believe we are nearly half way through the third month of 2011, it is amazing to look back at the expanse of time and all that has taken place from last March to this March. So much. So very much. To begin with, you were a little baby last March, Alina. Only two months old.

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Comparing DSLR to a Basic Camera: The Coveted Camera

Real Life Photography Tutorials I finally got to compare a DSLR to my crap camera, and I’ve got to say – I fell in serious covet. Here is real life photography tutorials on comparing performance of crap cameras with a snazzy DSLR. Oh, Cannon T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD Screen, how I covet thee. Let me count the ways…. Okay, let me not, but

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Love Letter: Newborn Photo Memories

Love letter to my Daughter – remembering her newborn photo shoot. For as much as I love writing a love letter to my daughter, I love photo memories just as much. For us, the stress of bringing home baby was too much for Daddy D and I to worry about pictures. I do very much love a pretty photo though… the walls in my home are covered with them…. and

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Family Vegas Blog Celebrates Black History Month

This family Vegas blog celebrates Black History Month! Does yours? Our family had a great time celebrating Black History Month this year. From numerous puppet shows {entitled Tales From Afar: Tales of African Folklore}, to a festival, to enjoying good bar-b-que, we celebrated the entire month of February! Puppet shows through Clark County Library District My Husband is African American and his family has roots in the South, with his

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Alina Turns One: Erica Adams Photography

I love Erica Adams Photography. Ever since that initial maternity shoot, we have gone to no one else to capture our family’s growing changes. So, when Alina turned a year old, there was no one else I would have though to hire. We made a super quick trip to Cali the week before Alina’s birthday and had just enough time to get this shoot done and have dinner with our

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Alina turns ONE and her Dr. Seuss party!

A Dr Seuss Party Last week our little girl turned one year old. ONE! And we celebrated in with a Dr Seuss party! Originally, I had decided to have just a small party for our family in Las Vegas and some friends. We were married only 2 years ago, then had a beautiful baby shower last year, so I felt kind of bad asking our California family and friends to

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