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Take Care of Yourself, Mama: 6 Daily Self Care Tips

I am, by no means, a pinnacle of health. I’m a work in progress and a busy mom who is trying her best to take care of her family while also squeezing in tiny moments of self care throughout the day. After the whirlwind of getting kids ready for school, working from home and then tending to dinner/homework, etc, I’m wiped out and in need of some self care. Nothing

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My 3 Biggest Regrets All Have This In Common

As a life principle, I believe in making mistakes. Failure provides a baseline for growth. Mistakes lend way for forgiveness and understanding; it can strengthen relationships and cement resolve. Or it can weed out the relationships, ideas or life paths that weren’t meant for you in the first place. I believe that life’s most perfect lessons are unearthed through our mistakes and failures. That belief also offers us tremendous grace.

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August 2014 Siblings: A Photo Memory Project Gift To Myself

The Meaning of Siblings: A Special Project I love documenting the meaning of siblings through photography. There are so many nuances within these relationships – so many ups and downs and sideways – that as my two children embark on  their own special connection, I feel an immense responsibility to create a nostalgic way to remember how they interacted as kids. Before the craziness of life and hormones and other

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#365Siblings Photo Memory Legacy Is Back!… Kinda.

Today is August 1st, the beginning of my favorite month of the year. In August, I celebrate my birthday. A few days later, Daddy D celebrates his birthday. And when we looked at the calendar as an engaged couple to decide on a wedding date, we choose the day in August that split the days between our birthdays exactly. That week in August is known to us as The Bell

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A Love Letter to My Son at Two Years Old

Before I became a mother, I wrote love letters to my children. In my thoughts, through poetry, in analysis of my self doubt, I started to document the progression of their lives. Before I even met their father, I yearned to have a son to love and mold into the type of man I wish the world had more of. And so, how incredibly blessed am I, as I sit

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Love Letter to My 4 Year Old And A Legacy I’m Proud Of

I’ve been writing love letters to my daughter for almost three years now. I started De Su Mama shortly after Alina turned a year old. At that point, I had no idea how the incredible parenting adventure I’d be taken on would change my life. I had no idea how much I’d fall in love. As a baby, I was desperate to protect her. As a toddler, I was challenged

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