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Little Black Boy Joy

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This post serves no purpose other than to just be. In defiance of stereotype or in support of what should be, either way, my beautiful babies are here living life in all its glory. Pure little black boy joy on display for all to see.

I present you with two of the most brilliant and crazy boys that ever lived: my 5-year-old son and my 4-year-old nephew. His mother and I were sitting on the porch chatting when they climbed into this car together. I ran to get my camera just in time. Their love is so pure and so innocent. I hope the world is ready for them.

Cousins by blood, brothers by heart. I’m so happy they get to grow up together.

black boy joy black boy joy black boy joy

Little black boy joy means cuddles and wrestling and loving and fighting.

Little black boys bring joy into every life that knows them.

Just look at this cuteness…

black boy joy little black boy joy

Tell me you aren’t leaving here a little happier than before?!

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