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Love Letter to my 7 Month Old Baby Boy

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Love Letters to My Son

Sweet Sebastian,

Boy oh boy. You are every bit of boy-hood that I expected you to be! As a 7 month old baby, you are such a love bug, a true mama’s boy, but so very active!! I certainly don’t remember your sister being this active! Even with all the new excitement, I always hoped to have a boy like you – rough and tumble, yet sweet to the core. Sebastian is definitely coming into his own, physically and in terms of your personality. Writing these love letters to my son become more important with each passing month.

Love Letters to My Son, 7 Months old, de su mama, biracial baby, multiracial family

So what exactly is going on with this 7 month old baby? Well, you are 20.6 lbs (90th percentile) and 27.25 inches tall (75-80th percentile). You are wearing a size 9 months in clothes and a size three in diapers, although I think other moms would have you wearing larger sizes in both. You know me, I like to stuff you into smaller diaper sizes.

We started you on solid foods this month, and you are a eating machine. I love this stage, watching how you learn to maneuver that tongue to push food towards the back of your mouth. I remember being at your Grammy’s house the first time we offered Alina one of those puffs that dissolves. I was a nervous wreck! Would she choke? How would she know how to chew? To swallow? As a 7 month old baby, I find it a miracle that your body knows exactly what to do! I promise to do a more detailed post on your big milestone, but we are following the same plan that Alina’s breakfast was.

Love Letters to My Son, 7 Months old, de su mama, biracial baby, multiracial family

You are using your fingers and hands like a pro. You grasp everything, from your toys to the smallest bit speck on the ground. You rake your snacks with those fingers, and are able to stuff them into your mouth quite easily. You are able to pass an object from one hand to another, which is a trick that makes you very happy.

You babble and coo all day long. Seems as though you will be the chatting machine that your sister is. Awesome! I think you have said both mama and dada, but that is still up for debate. Regardless, you make discernible cries/noises that I am able to make out very easily. Oh my beautiful Sebastian, you love to smile! And anyone that sees this amazing gift, cannot help but smile in return. You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and although I know pearly white teeth are near in our future, I will miss that gummy smile so much.

Love Letters to My Son, 7 Months old, de su mama, biracial baby, multiracial family

Sebastian!!!! You are everywhere!!! You are not crawling on all fours, yet. It’s more like an army crawl. But that doesn’t stop you. From under the dining room table to in the kitchen to wherever your ball rolls. Therefore, there are a few things you understand, without a doubt: your name, come here and DON”T TOUCH! I love how you look back at me, as if to say “what’s up Mama?”. I hope you love these letters one day – Love letters to my son, my beautiful boy.

You are pulling up on everything now, too. Including your crib – which means we’ve lowered your mattress already. Craizness how fast you are growing, my love. I wrote a post on your Gentleman’s Nursery, and love taking pictures of you in it. Your room gets the best afternoon light.

Love Letters to My Son, 7 Months old, de su mama, biracial baby, multiracial family

My beautiful boy – I love you. Te quiero tanto. You are exactly the son I always hoped to have. With your sweet embrace, you make me feel like I am good enough to be your momma. You still love to nurse. You still love to cuddle. But you also love to explore and learn and crawl. I am so blessed to have two healthy children, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for both of you. Thank you for choosing me.

Te quiero por simepre y despues de simpre,

Su Mama



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