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Missing Out On Life Because of the Flu? Us, Too. Here Are 3 Ways To Make It Better.

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We’re sick, missing out on the fun of life… and it stinks! To make things a little better, we’re happy to share this story sponsored by our friends from Clorox. Thanks for supporting the brands that help support our voices!

It’s been a couple weeks since we got back from our magical trip to Disney World and our first Disney Cruise. We had a great time and I promise to share our adventure soon, but man… being sick while on vacation is rough. Though exhausted every night from walking and exploring, the kids were still enchanted by it all: themed rides, thrilling live shows and, of course, their favorite characters.

We brought back a few souvenirs, so many memories, new friendships…. And the flu. The good-for-nothing, fun-spoiling, nasty, germy FLU. No bueno.

My poor babies had fevers, coughs and were heartbroken to not be able to ride their bikes outside and tell their friends about the adventures they had. #FluFOMO is real, ya’ll!

clorox-wipes-flu-dsm-1 3 Ways to Cure FOMO from the Flu

You know what FOMO means, right? It’s one of those acronyms that went mainstream and means “fear of missing out”. I think it’s spot-on because, well, I think we all have the tendency to worry about what everyone else is doing… especially when we can’t keep up. Thus, #FluFOMO. Anyway, my kids definitely had #FluFOMO this week and I did my best to alleviate their worry so that they could concentrate on getting better.

Here are 3 ways to cure FOMO when you’ve got the flu…

Start a new project: Once my babies were well enough to complain about what they were missing out on, I knew they were well enough to start a new project. Small crafts, simple recipes or new library books will keep their attention on a task, instead of what they wish they were doing. I admit, this is a hands-on tactic. When your babies are sick, they need your full attention. No independent tasks here!

This week we started our research on Cesar Chavez, the civil rights leader, for an upcoming trip. We read library books, did lesson plans and talked a ton about his legacy. By focusing on our project, my kids worried less about what they were missing.

Combat the germs: The flu might already be in your house, but it doesn’t have to linger! Kiss those nasty germs good-bye with tools that wipe them away! Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes are my absolute favorite in killing germs, bacteria and countless other nasties you find lurking in our homes. I also keep the all purpose Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach spray bottle on hand when I don’t have the wipes to tackle all rooms in the house.

We use both products on our hard, non-porous surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms, including: the refrigerator handle, cabinet and door knobs, keyboard surfaces and plastic toys. Getting rid of nasty germs that are lingering in your house is super important, especially when combating illness. So take this as your cue to attack every crevice of your home! flu-fomo-clorox-wipes-dsm-5

Teach your kids to focus inward: I laughed when a friend texted me one day, “I so have FOMO watching everyone else go on the trip.” I mean, I totally get it: the stress that comes from comparing yourself to others gets to me too. I love that social media birthed an acronym to depict that feeling, but FOMO doesn’t have to steal your joy! I really strive to teach my kids to focus inwards and to be grateful for the abundance in their lives. Especially when they’re sick.

Teaching the kids to focus on one thing at a time, staying present in the moment and, in this case, taking care of their bodies so that they can join their friends later are all lessons I push on my kids as they heal from a nasty flu.

Missing out on life because you have the flu is NO fun. I know! But with a few tricks to keep their focus, tools and products to keep your home free of germs and values that appreciate the health we have on normal days, we’ll be back to enjoying life in no time.

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