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First Biracial Haircuts for Baby Boy’s Curly Hair

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When to First Cut Boy’s Curly Hair?

My neighbor is a photographer and quickly snapped these photos of my two year old Sebas while our kids played outside. As it happens so very often lately, the conversation turned to his hair and when/ if we would first cut his beautiful curly mixed hair. There aren’t too many biracial haircuts for boys out there, but I guess trimming it up a bit wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

When did you first cut your baby boy’s curly hair?

For whatever reason, I’m not in a big rush to get his first haircut. The constant questioning makes me wonder if its time, though. I love the look of a clean cut little boy, so the fact that I’m wavering in a decision shocks me. On the other hand, when in his life can my little guy feast in the gorgeousness that is his mixed curly hair if not as an innocent young toddler? When he’s older, we’ll really feel pressured to chop it. And, I don’t know. I’m just not in a rush to get it done.

haircuts for biracial baby boy, curly mixed hair

Biracial Hair Cuts for Baby Boy

What I do know is that when we’re ready, I’m taking him to Kidville. The haircut stations there are so adorable; Sebastian asks to sit in the vintage airplane every week. I talked with their hairstylist recently and I loved the haircut options and tips she suggested. First off, she said we wouldn’t use clippers because babies’ ears are still developing and the noise/vibration often scares them. So, strictly scissors it is.

The curly haircuts for baby boys she suggested are:

Mini High Top Fade: short on the sides with longer length on top is likely the way we’ll go when we do get his first haircut. But I’m not thinking Kid n Play here! It’s an obvious cut for a soon to be big boy, also leaning towards the clean cut look I like, but not drastic either since we won’t be using clippers. [edited to add: We finally did this haircut for our son! Two years later! Check out my baby boy’s first buzz cut with his pretty curls on top. I won’t lie, I cried. But he looks SO cute.]

Trimmed Fro: this cut would take the natural shape of his mixed curly hair and trim it up into an even baby fro. Totally cute, but hardly a real “haircut”. When we cut it, I want to notice a difference!

Curly Faux Hawk: My straight laced husband isn’t having this. But when Sebas is older, we’re getting it done!

Shaved: Daddy D shaves his head, and I know several moms of little boys who do the same. I’m not one of them. I love these beautiful curls too much to see them gone. I can hardly think about cutting his curls, let alone shaving them.

When Sebastian was an infant, our mixed curly hair routine was exactly like Alina’s. But now that he’s older, his toddler routine is quite different than her’s was. (This was Alina’s toddler curly hair routine, if you’re wondering). Without bows and ribbons to distract the eye, it becomes very obvious when his hair isn’t done or moisturized well.

That would be the one reason why I cut his hair sooner, rather than later: I want to make sure his hair stays healthy. The day after a deep condition, my baby boy’s curly hair is tightly coiled and snug to his scalp. A day later, and we’ve got strangers approaching us asking when we’re going to cut it.

Two years old seems so young, but perhaps it’s time for his first big boy haircut.

Note: We finally did it! Click here to see our biracial boy’s haircut!


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“First Biracial Haircuts for Baby Boy’s Curly Hair”
  • ¡Ay Bendito! Estamos en las mismas. 🙂 Mi nene tiene el pelo igualito al tuyo con rizos hermosos 🙂 We actually took him to a barber to trim it down a little on the sides, and cut very little at the top. De cariño, we call him our “curly top.”

  • I have a cousin whose son is mixed as well. In the shorter lengths she let his hair afro out. After a while she began to put it into hair styles. Braids mostly, pony tails, and twists. He’s never had a haircut and he is almost 3. His hair is probably the same length as my “Love Bug”. Email me, I’ll send you pics!! (They’re adorable btw!).
    However, for my son “Brother”, I too am at a loss of what to do with his hair. His texture is a little bit more like mine, with his curls more relaxed than his sisters. However, in the back it can get pretty dry and matted if I neglect it for too long. His hair isn’t long by any means, but it does have a mind of its own and I’m totally at a loss of what to do with it. As for his hair care, when I give him the same care as Love Bug’s his head just looks like a wet/oily/greasy mess! That is why I’m constantly asking other moms what they are doing with their son’s hair.
    For Sebas, I think his hair is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT!!! I guess I would be against cutting it since as you mentioned he will probably cut it for the rest of his life. But I do get the feeling of figuring out what to “do” with it before he ends up with a bob that matches Alina’s!

  • Here Here! I’m a mum with straighter than straight hair, which my lil’ man (few months younger than yours) inherited. His hair was so full at birth, but started to fall out on the sides from all the infant sleeping, that we were forced to cut it very early just to even it out. I think your little guy’s hair is absolutely beautiful and so full of character. Hearing so much on this topic lately, I stand by those moms that inspire to do what feels right for their family and ignore those who only offer criticism.

  • my son is not biracial but he has beautiful curly locks that I thought I would cut at the age of one. I get harassed by his uncle to cut it at least twice a week. At 16 months I refuse to even think about it. However, I know he can’t have these curly locks most of his life, so I’ve also been looking at ideas for haircuts. I will say even looking at examples the very though of cutting his locks make me teary eyed.

    Still on the fence!!!

  • My son is 8 and I have never cut his hair! Yes, I get a lot of people asking me when I am going to cut it… oh well! From what I have heard from all of my black friends and family, if you cut a black or mixed kids hair too early ESPECIALLY with clippers it can ruin the texture of their hair forever! My brother also has two mixed little boys, with the first one they cut his hair early and started shaving it early as well… his texture changed completely and he basically has “nappy” hair. They have a one year old now and will NOT be cutting his hair early on because they learned. One of the reasons that people choose to cut is because they do not know how to manage it and it looks better than a messy little afro. Coconut oil or baby oil gel for babies and grease for the big kids along with styling does the trick. I wish I could post a picture here of my son so that you can see what I do with his hair which is down to his butt. Instead of having an afro when he was toddler he had luxurious curls hanging down perfectly, our friends called him baby AC because they thought his hair looked just like AC Slater from Saved by the Bell lol! My point is for a clean look you don’t have to cut and if you do, beware that you could forever change the texture of your son’s hair. I will be cutting my son’s hair soon because it is just so long now, but… no clippers! Hope this is helpful to someone out there, I know I sure appreciated this advice from my family and friends.

  • My 17 month old is mixed and I adore his curls. I am confused as what to use as I get soo many comments and feedback but it is all contradicting. I do not want to cut his hair even though it is uneven as I’ve heard you forever change the texture. I have used Shea Moisture for kids and J & J. Any input would be appreciated. Sincerely, a confused Mommy!

  • My son is mixed he is 21 mos he has had two haircuts now first was at 16 mos 2nd was at 19 mos i did not let them shave it yet just trim because i couldn’t manage it any longer and he dont like it combed or picked out no matter if it’s wet with conditoner or oiled he will slap the comb or pick and cry! His texture changed a lil but not dramatically and i still am only getting it trimmed until he is 2.5-3 i will probably do a shave i am interested to see how he looks with a shave i do like his curls tho but his back hair was always more rough than the top of his head hair very tight curls tho i am not skilled or talented enough to braid it otherwise i probably would

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