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If There’s One Thing Moms Don’t Have Time For, It’s the Flu

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I’m going into my eighth year of motherhood and it feels like I’ve finally arrived at the promise land. They sleep through the night, have a fair amount of self-control and, in general, are really cool kids. Plus, they tell funny jokes. Don’t get me wrong, babies, toddlers and adorable preschoolers are fabulous, but this stage has become my favorite.

I love being with my kids and sharing their joy with my friends and family online. Piano lessons and homework, soccer practice, skateboarding, playing with the neighborhood kids, going on adventures, all the while capturing the beauty of motherhood in this stage… I love every second of it!

So when it comes to missing out on my mom duties because of flu season, I do what I can to stay healthy and in the game. Because, seriously – moms ain’t got time for the flu!

#FluFOMO is Real!

I had pneumonia a few years back and, let me tell you, it was the absolute worst. Facebook actually reminds me of a hospital photo I posted and, ugh! I usually love those memory flashbacks, but this one serves another purpose.

Each year as flu season comes around, I’m reminded of how much I can miss out on if I catch the flu, which then prompts me to take steps to prevent the cold and flu from invading my house and social media accounts.

Here’s what I do.

mom tips for the flu Moms Don’t Have Time For The Flu

The first thing I do to prevent catching the flu is get vaccinated with the flu shot. Because of my previous experience with pneumonia, there is really no question about whether I should get it or not. To make this step a bit more fun, be sure to check out Clorox’s #FluFOMO matching game for the chance to win some great prizes and learn a few things about keeping our homes free of bad germs too.

Secondly, my obsession with Clorox Disinfecting wipes goes on full display during flu season as I make sure to keep my home completely stocked up. These wipes are amazing, helping to keep the cold and flu virus off our hard, non-porous surfaces, but the best part is that they’re convenient. I’m a busy mom and time is precious, but I’ve always got a few extra moments to wipe the areas often lurking with germs.

I keep a canister of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in my kitchen, bathroom, office and, yes, even my car to help keep the germs away. I probably wipe down our door handles the most, but I attack almost every surface possible. I even visit my kids’ classrooms to wipe down their desks every so often too!

Finally, I make an extra effort to wash my hands every chance I get. I’m mindful not to touch my face when not necessary, do the elbow cough and make my kids wash their hands often too. Cold and flu viruses can be spread by indirect contact. Washing hands is one of the best ways to prevent getting sick.

To review the full checklist of ways to avoid catching the flu and missing out on our mom moments, check out It’s filled with fun tools and games to keep us motivated and healthy all season long.

Share the Moments, Save the Likes

My kids are so fun these days and I don’t want to miss a thing, especially not due to the cold or flu. Make sure you’re sharing moments that matter most by staying healthy!

I love watching my community online share their favorite mom moments, so let’s do this together! #SavetheLikes for the adventures and accomplishments.

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