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Monsters University Premiere: Getting My Scare On

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This week I had the huge pleasure of representing my SpanglishBaby familia at the Monsters University Hollywood premiere. I had a great time! As a disclosure, Disney provided me a full expenses paid trip to review these experiences for the SpanglishBaby (and my!) readers. No other compensation was provided. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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We arrived to the Monsters University tail gate premiere party to find the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard packed with anxious fans awaiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. They might have been really bummed out when they saw a group of (unknown) bloggers get out of a blacked-out party bus, but they waved and screamed at us nonetheless. It was quite the experience!

The red carpet turned blue for this premiere and, unlike the passengers in our bus, there were actually a few celebrities in attendance at the event. In true collegiate fashion, there were also plenty of cheerleaders, a marching band and even a sports desk calling out the plays as they happened. It was really exciting!

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Hollywood Boulevard was actually shut down for the MonstersU tail gate party, as LA’s best showed up to feed the hungry crew. There was so much yummy food that I’ll likely do a post solely on the options that were my favorite. But hats off to the guys at Poquito Mas Burritos in LA, who after seeing me taking photos of their delicious salsa bar decided to hand me over a $20 gift card for no reason. How cool is that? Their mini burritos were out of control good, which makes their stellar customer service seem even better. There were also plenty of tail gate inspired games for the kids and entertainment for the adults.

Since the event was so family friendly, I definitely missed my little ones on this trip. I know that Alina would have had a blast! Maybe one day I’ll get invited to attend something where Alina can see what Mommy does at “work”!

monsters university, disney, pixar, disney pixar, monstersu, #monstersupremiere

Despite all the delicious foods, the celebrities and the excitement surrounding the premiere, my most favorite part was entering the El Capitan theater and watching the movie in one of LA’s most notable landmarks. The energy in the building was quite different than any other movie I’ve seen, with people clapping mid-scene, etc. At one point it occurred to me that the directors and creators of the film were likely sitting among us, hanging on every inch of the audience’s reaction and wishing we loved their labor of love as much as they did. At that point, I felt very humbled at the opportunity to share in that experience.

I will be reviewing the movie, Monsters University, over at SpanglishBaby tomorrow. So be sure to find my thoughts on the film over there soon!

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