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The Ultimate Dual Immersion Back-to-School Shopping List

Summer is coming to an end and, though it’s been magical, I’m excited to start another year of dual language education! It’s absolutely amazing to watch my (previously) monolingual children improve their fluency and reading abilities in two languages throughout the school year. Raising bilingual and biliterate children would be impossible without the support of our progressive school district and the teachers who love our babies. There aren’t enough words

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A Mom’s Guide for Bilingual Kindergarten Preparation

We’re getting ready for our little boy’s first day of bilingual kindergarten and are excited to partner with Clorox to share tips on helping him start confidently! Last year, Clorox donated $150,000 for a Match Offer on and is continuing their partnership for this BTS season too. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our voices. His older sister has been here before, but he’s still nervous about

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Little Black Boy Joy

This post serves no purpose other than to just be. In defiance of stereotype or in support of what should be, either way, my beautiful babies are here living life in all its glory. Pure little black boy joy on display for all to see. I present you with two of the most brilliant and crazy boys that ever lived: my 5-year-old son and my 4-year-old nephew. His mother and

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How I Bond With The Child So Unlike Me

I’m convinced motherhood is the bearer of life lessons. During no other time in life has my sense-of-self evolved so completely than when challenged by my children to do so. They truly make me a better human being and I’m excited to partner with our friends from N.B.T.F. Nothing But The Fruit™ to share this story. Thank you for supporting the brands that believe in moms like us! Within the very same

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A 7 Year-Old’s First Mixed Curly Haircut!

As I sit here thinking about how to start this post, a million stories before today are yearning to be told. I’ve been a mother to multiracial children for seven years and I’m always amazed at how prominent the theme of mixed curly hair has been. Indeed, this journey to loving natural curly hair started long before my daughter was born… but I digress. You’re here to see a 7 year-old

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How To Create A Bedroom That Fosters Positive Multiracial Identity

I’m excited to partner with Serta and Mattress Firm for these tips on fostering a positive multiracial identity for our babies. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our voices! Looking back at my youth, time spent in my bedroom was pivotal to my developing identity. I can vividly remember hours reading on my bed, writing in my journals, even decorating the walls with posters and trinkets to reflect

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