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A 7 Year-Old’s First Mixed Curly Haircut!

As I sit here thinking about how to start this post, a million stories before today are yearning to be told. I’ve been a mother to multiracial children for seven years and I’m always amazed at how prominent the theme of mixed curly hair has been. Indeed, this journey to loving natural curly hair started long before my daughter was born… but I digress. You’re here to see a 7 year-old

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My Curly Boy’s First Buzz Haircut!

My sweet curly boy got his first big boy buzz hair cut yesterday and I’m all in my feels about it. I blogged about my baby boy’s first curly haircut a few years back, and he’s gotten hair cuts since then, but never with the clippers or a razor. His haircuts have always only been with scissors. Until yesterday. I had read somewhere that clippers could alter texture (although that doesn’t

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Biracial Hair During Winter: 6 Tips for Healthy Curls

Taking care of biracial hair during the cold, winter months is an important task. Though it looks strong, curly hair is most susceptible to breakage, which prevents growth and length. In the winter, you might be running a forced-air heater, which sucks up the moisture in the air, and/or regularly wearing scarves, big jackets and beanies/hats. Kids are playing indoors more, meaning lots of rolling around on the floor or

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Mouse Ears Tutorial for Curly Biracial Hair

In most ways, even as a multiracial family raising biracial kids with mixed hair, we’re exactly the same as other American families. I promise! Even when it comes to obsessing over the latest princess hairstyles, my girl and I have fun watching YouTube videos of the awesome look-alike styles. But admiring the hairstyles and actually doing the hairstyles is where our differences become obvious. My daughter has beautiful, curly hair

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Curly Biracial Hair Care: Sock Bun Tutorial

Back to School Mixed Hairstyles This girl does not like her hair up… ever! But with back to school upon us, making sure her curly mixed hair stays healthy and manageable during long, busy days is a high priority. This curly biracial hair style is kid-approved and, for us, that means it’s on trend, cute and, most importantly, comfortable. The sock bun is all the rave, and embracing it on

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Pretty Side Banded Ponytail: Curly Mixed Hairstyles

Did you know summer months can wreak havoc on curly mixed hair? The kids are more active, sweating and playing in chlorinated water, causing you to shampoo it more. Excessive shampooing can make the hair dry and cause breakage. It’s tough! Biracial hair (and curly hair, in general) requires lots of moisture. Summer months can make it difficult to maintain. I’m excited to partner with JOHNSON’S NO MORE TANGLES® to

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