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All Natural DIY Concrete Cleaner: Sprucing Up Our Patio!

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This will be our third year in our home and we’re finally ready to pay attention to our outdoor space, specifically our patio. The little concrete patio slab is big enough to house some great memories – on it is outdoor furniture and our grill – but it has been sadly neglected and the dirt tracks from the kids have become noticeable so I decided to look for a natural concrete cleaner recipe that will fix it up.Walmart challenged us to spruce up our patios, and after some research, I decided to make an all natural DIY concrete cleaner to freshen up the floor. Make sure to check out

Our backyard was once all desert landscaping (actually known as “rock everywhere”). We want the backyard to serve as a play area for our kids, we removed the rock and put in grass. During the transition, there was a ton of dirt back there. And that dirt became mud, was tracked onto the concrete and… well, after three years, the concrete needed a good cleaning.


Our patio also has rust and paint stains from the previous owner. Eventually, we’re tile it, but for now I wanted to clean it with the least amount of chemicals possible. Since my kids play on it and our lawn is adjacent, I didn’t want to risk the chemicals running off into that space.

Keeping this natural concrete cleaner recipe as natural as possible was a big priority. How have I never heard of washing soda before? It’s not edible, like baking soda, but also more abrasive  – making it a great cleaning detergent.

All Natural Concrete Cleaner DIY Recipe

What you’ll need:

Washing Soda (found in Walmart’s cleaning/detergent section)

Great Value Vinegar

Bristle Brush

diy-natural-concrete-cleaner-dsm-3 diy-natural-concrete-cleaner-dsm-2

Mix the washing soda and vinegar until it becomes a thick consistency. You’ll want to make enough to clean your desired concrete surface.

In small sections, hose down the concrete. Add a bit of your cleaning solution and scrub away. Depending on how dirty your concrete is (ours was really dirty!), you’ll have to scrub for awhile to lift up the adsorbed dirt. After the area has been cleaned, be sure to hose it down well.


Sprucing Up The Patio!

To cover up the unsightly rust stains that won’t be cleaned by an all natural cleaner, I always keep an outdoor rug down. Walmart’s Mainstay brand offers some lively prints for as a low as around $30. Because our outdoor spaces gets used often, I love that Walmart offers affordable and quality rugs that will last all season long.

diy-natural-concrete-cleaner-dsm-6 diy-natural-concrete-cleaner-dsm-7

I can’t wait to show off our complete patio re-design! Hopefully, it’ll be a place Daddy D and I can sit comfortably and enjoy the sights of our children playing, as well as a place to welcome guests when they come play too.

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