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New Year and New Resolve: a Healthier Diet Plan Option

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After a week long vacation with plenty of feasting on holiday traditions, I was happy to come home to a fridge stocked with prepared diet delivery food. I never thought I would say that. But, who wouldn’t love to pull up to a meal that looks like this and tastes even better?!

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While my current weight is not my ideal, I know what constitutes a healthy meal, how to cook with healthy ingredients, with slightly less knowledge of portion control (because I love to eat). But, the truth remains: I need help! I’m starting to feel sluggish, uninspired in the kitchen and, frankly, very very tired. Every morning, after packing a lunch for Daddy D, making Alina her oatmeal and feeding the baby, the most I muster into my own shell is a strong cup of cafe con leche. And there is nothing healthy about that.

With the new year upon us, the opportunity to team up with Fitfluential and Diet-to-Go in order to test out their diet delivery plan could not have come at  a better time. Diet-to-Go has three unique menus and 20 plans to choose from, but their focus remains on health, portion control and quality (real) ingredients delivered straight to your door. They were recently rated #1 by Epicurious and they are the most inexpensive diet delivery service on the market (compared to those who deliver actual food – you know, the kind that perishes). I was shocked at how much I enjoyed Diet-to-Go’s meals; the menu was filled with mushroom strata, bbq chicken, chicken Philly cheesestake, just to name a few meals. My only issue was convincing my toddler to eat her veggie oatmeal instead of my fajita omelet and seasoned artichokes.

healthy diet, diet delivery, new years resolutions, diet to go

healthy diet plan, diet to go, diet delivery, new years resolutions

Diet-to-Go meals are packaged simply and labeled with heating instructions. I really enjoyed having a complete meal already planned with proper portions in mind. Whereas I would only have a cup of coffee, I had a completely balanced and nutritional meal ready for me (and Alina) to enjoy.

As the new year becomes a new routine, I hope to continue with common sense habits of a healthy diet. This plan allows you to start and stop, without pricing gimmicks or cancellation fees, making it easier to incorporate into your real life. I’m still breastfeeding and tending to a toddler, so time is often lacking. For me, utilizing a a plan like Diet-to-Go is not because I don’t know how to cook (I love to cook), but rather it is a healthier alternative to what I would otherwise resort to when tired and sleep deprived. And that’s the point when losing weight, right? Making the healthiest choice the most obvious and convenient. And to help us out even more, Diet-to-Go is giving away 1,000 of their healthy diet meals on their Facebook page. You can enter to win one month or one week of free meals, with many chanced to win!

healthy diet, healthy diet plan, diet to go, diet delivery

How about you? Have you ever looked to the help of a diet delivery service? Is your priority freshness, caloric count, menu flexibility? And please, tell me, how do you keep your kids from eating all your food!?!

*Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own – they always will be.

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“New Year and New Resolve: a Healthier Diet Plan Option”
  • Never had tried any kind of delivery service. not sure I ever will, but I know how convenient it can be for some lifestyles. I’m on a diet though, so I’m watching every little bit of what I eat. All this working out can not be in vain! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and that lovely family of yours.

  • Thanks for your review! We are thrilled that you enjoyed the food and were able to learn about proper portion-sizes and the value of eating filling, nutritious meals. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by tweeting us @diettogo or sending us a message on Facebook.

  • It definitely looks good. I’ve been trying to cook more to be healthier and also stop us from eating out, but it’s so time consuming! This seems like a good alternative. Do you know if they have anything gluten-free?

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