A Gentleman’s Nursery: Grey, Yellow and Mustache

A Gentleman’s Nursery: Grey, Yellow and Mustache

Nursery Ideas

When designing Sebastian’s nursery, I scoured hundreds of nursery ideas. The traditional baby boy nursery of sports or animals would not do. I had to come up with an idea that spoke to the excitement our family had for his arrival, and all the hopes and wishes I had for him. Something unique to the brilliant boy he is destined to become, yet traditional and classic at the same time. After an evolution that you can witness through the pins on his Pinterest board, I found a swatch of mustache fabric that had me cracking up. Nursery ideas of gentlemen, bowties and mustaches finally became the loose theme of a gentleman’s nursery.

nursery ideas

nursery ideas

nursery ideas

So much love and attention went into this room. If you remember, we had moved into our home only months before my delivery date. Sebastian’s room was mostly complete before he was born, but the finishing touches were added only recently. The crib and dresser were Alina’s old furniture, so we didn’t have t purchase anything major. And although I thought we would for sure cough up the dough for a new rocker, the old one is working just fine. Actually, Sebas is nowhere near the rocker that Alina was, so it hardly gets used. There are also many DIY decorations, and I’m excited to share those projects with you. In general, I love Sebastian’s room! It may actually be my favorite room in the house (until we finish Alina’s room!).

nursery ideas

nursery ideas

The shelves above are filled with special items of Sebastian’s young life: the itty bitty bow tie his Grammy made. His coming home from the hospital outfit was complete with that bow tie (along with the hanging onesie). The stuffed dog that was sitting on his hospital bed the day Sebas went to have his surgery, his first baseball cap and little booties that his Miss Mary gifted him. There also sits a picture of Sebastian’s grandfather, who he is named after and who was the ultimate gentleman. If Sebastian grows to be the caliber of gentleman his grandfather was, I will be a very proud mama. To the right of his window hangs the beginning of a great hat collection, which totally reminds me of my granfathers. In Alina’s nursery, all her adorable bows were hanging in display, so I thought this was a cute touch for my sweet gentleman to have his hats hung as decor.

nursery ideas

nursery ideas

nursery ideas

There are so many DIY gems in this room. It was a family effort painting and installing the chair rail. The paper owl mobile and name banner were made by my sister for my baby shower. She also made Sebastian’s beautiful quilt. My step mom made his custom crib skirt and gifted him the sweet, crotchet blanket that drapes the rocking chair. He came home from the hospital wrapped in its love. I made the bow tie adorned “S” hanging above his crib, painted the dresser knobs and customized the lamp shade with a bit of ribbon. But the DIY feature I am most proud of is his boxed valance. I made that! It was surprisingly easy (hanging it up was by far the hardest part) but gives his window the crisp, modern touch that I wanted. I love it!

nursery ideas

gentleman printable, free printable, chevron printable, baby boy nursery, baby boy quote, gentleman quote, freeThe wall art graphic of a gentleman’s quote was added later, but I love. So much so, that I’m offering it as a free download! Right click and save, or download here from Google docs.

Overall, I am happy with my gentleman’s mustache, bow tie nursery of grey and yellow. And while its light color scheme fits an infant perfectly, the basics of the room will transition easily to the more vibrant primary color scheme I plan to use for his “big boy room” in a couple years.

My beautiful Sebastian,

This is your room! And I hope you love it! I read a quote once that said, “Although it is much to be nobleman, it is more to be a gentleman.” My sweet little boy, I pray that as you grow, you remember those words. Proud and strong are qualities I wish for both of my children, but tempered with humility and gentleness is the best kind of man. This is what I most loved about your father when I first met him, and after years of marriage, he has never once proved otherwise. You have a wonderful example of a true gentleman, my love. I know you will make me proud.

Your sister and I love to play in your room with you all day long. It gets the most beautiful afternoon light. I plan to take many pictures of you in here for years to come. This room is everything I had hoped it to be, especially since its filled with the joys of being your Mama.

Te quiero por siempre,

Su Mama





  1. Ok…cutest nursery ever! Love it! I can’t believe you didn’t hire a designer to do all of this…it looks so professional (and expensive haha). Great job! And it seems like a versatile theme to carry over to toddler/young boyhood years :)

    • Oh girl, if only you knew how INexpensive the whole thing was! All the DIY features kept costs low. Get to that baby making and I’ll help you plan your nursery :)

      • Ha! I will definitely have to hit you up! Even though I’ve always wanted girls, seeing this room makes me think a little boy wouldn’t be so bad after all ;)

  2. his nursery is simply awesome. when hubby and i have a baby and if it’s a boy the gentleman theme will run quite rampant through baby shower and thanks to you his nursery

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Adhari! I love that this theme imparts a belief system and values to an infant son. Can’t wait to see your project complete one day!

  3. I am in LOVE with your son’s nursery!!! You are so creative. I’d love to feature one of your designs on my blog. How adorable!

  4. This is beautiful Vanessa! So cool to see Sebas little castle. ;)

  5. That is just awesome!!!!! It is so cute!!! I love it!!!

  6. I purchased a few gallons of two shades of gray but they don’t look like I wanted them to on the wall. What shades have you chosen here? It’s hard to tell in pictures but I like the shades you have chosen.

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