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Official Blogger vs Blogger LATISM Challenge

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When amiga and editor of Multicultural Familia challenged me to a friendly photo journal challenge between three of the contributors, I was all about it. Finding out the the infamous Juan of Words, in connection with LATISM, was the mastermind behind this hilarious battle made it even more exciting! Competing for the gold medal is yours truly, Chantilly from Bicultural Mom and Leslie from  Motherhood In Mexico.
So here’s the skinny: we all were given the same ten categories, ten opportunities to express what those categories mean to us and then we wait to hear what YOU think! That’s right friends… you decide! After viewing my entry, visit each of my competitors to decide who’s photos stole your heart. Visit for further details. That’s it!

This battle is all in good fun and an actual gold medal is not at stake, although it was certainly a blast to get this post together. Thank you Chantilly and Leslie!!! I welcome new readers to De Su Mama, and hope my loyal readers enjoy learning a bit more about my crazy life.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!! 

1) This is us…

This is my family: Daddy D, Alina and me. Alina’s favorite kiss these days is our family kiss. It’s our favorite too. She loves more than anything to be snuggled up between us. This is us, on a good day!
2) The Family who shops together…
We love food and we love Fresh & Easy, especially their pre-made sauces. At less than $3 a jar, you can make any meal into a masterpiece! Did I mention they use zero preservatives or artificial colorings in their products? And they’re kosher. We love the Santa Fe flavor, but also buy a few of the curries and Asian flavored sauces too. Check back Tasty Tuesday for my post on how we enjoy these amazing time-savers!
3) My baby is beautiful! Don’t ya think?
Ya’ll see more pictures of Alina than either of us would like to admit, but I guess I’ll have to bore you with yet another one. I love my baby’s sparkly eyes. If I had to pick a favorite feature, they would be it. But if you ask Daddy D, he would say her entire face. Ha!
4) Keeping up with Alina…
Alina, and her entourage, is always on the go. We don’t really have a favorite place to hang out as a family because we go where the cool stuff is happening, which always varies in Vegas. But if you wanted to know what Alina’s favorite sentence is, it would be “Go. Go! GOOOO!!!” {Dear CPS, The car was in park when taking this shot.}
5) Through the years… it’s still as good as new

Cubans like to bling out their babies. Did you know? You can probably guess which bracelet was mine, but the smaller bracelet and baby ring were my mother’s and made in Cuba. The beautiful bangles belonged to my paternal grandmother and had to be snuggled to the States {since Castro was not about to let you leave the island with anything of value}. These are some of my most prized possessions and are stored under lock and key.

6) Momma’s Favorite Toy!
Ha! As if you had to ask! My precious baby never leaves my side. I love my camera and all of its amazing gadgets. A close second would be my laptop.

7)  A picture is worth a million words!
I love my family, and I love pictures too, so we’ve got plenty hanging around in our home. On the main wall above the couch is the beginnings of this collage. Yes, that is me, circa 2008 and sans a few lbs. And yes, that is the same child pictured above {she’s changed quite a bit, hasn’t she?}. I can’t wait to expand our photo wall as other things begin to, well, expand…
8) Growing Pains…
The other thing growing, other than my child and unfortunately not our home, is this insane toy collection. And yes, it is really painful too…
9) I’m Not Cooking Tonight!

Yum!! Zaba’s is a fresh, but quick, Mexican style restaurant that we frequent more often than I would like to admit. We try to stick to once a week, but Alina and I have been known to visit upwards of 4 times within a 7 day time period. My sister loves this place. My step mom loves this place. My husband complains he should buy stock in this place. But best of all, Alina devours her brown rice and black beans like a champ. 
10) Hurry Up! We’re Running Late!

“Alina, which do you want? Leche or agua? Leche? Agua?  No, you don’t need both. Pick one. Agua? Leche? Ay Dios mio! You’re killin’ me smalls…”

About The Official Blogger vs. Blogger Challenge on LATISM
The Official Blogger vs. Blogger Challenge on LATISM is a unique and creative way of promoting blogger content through the Latinos In Social Media network, in partnership with Juan of Words.  Challenge participants are assigned a customized list of competing categories based on their individual blogs and online personalities, and their resulting posts are promoted via LATISM’s social media networks. 
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7 Discussions on
“Official Blogger vs Blogger LATISM Challenge”
  • Haha…super cute and I love that super sneaky hint! 😉 How did I know your camera was your baby? lol. I miss my camera! Definitely have to get a new one soon. I love all these pics Vanessa! Love the wedding photos and Alina in her car seat! She is so adorable and what a fun shot! I also love seeing her eat up her rice…nothing cuter than a Latinita comiendo su arroz! My baby girl loves it too. 🙂 I also loved the story about your family jewelry from Cuba…definitely a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing with us! 🙂

  • Hands down your blog was my favorite here… I enjoyed your pictures so much…mostly cause i could relate a bit…okay maybe just the eating out more than i need to but i love the bling you have… i need to know more about cubans lol they seem fascinating… lol… the other blogs where great as well glad i could find some new mommy sites to follow

  • Vanessa, nombre te luciste comadre 🙂 You are quite the photographer I must say. These images are awesome, as are all of the descriptions. Thank you muchisimo for participating! – JUAN

  • Gracias, Juan! Thank you for having me. It was such a great time 🙂

    Cabrona… are you serious? You are my new best friend! Thank you for giving me a reason to say cabrona anytime I want!! Haha! My Papi used to always call me la cabrona, and I get some CRAZZZY looks when I call my daughter that these days! Haha!

    Chantilly, you are a fierce competitor! Alina certainly loves to eat, eh?!

  • What amazing photographs!!! I can’t decide which photo I like more. And your little girl is too cute!!! You have a lovely family.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the last category. I remember those sippy cup days all too well!

    And one more thing…I am so jealous of your toy!!! 🙂

  • Great pics! I love these Blogger vs. Blogger challenges everyone is getting into.
    I LOVED your beautiful wedding picture as well as the beautiful pics of your daughter. The items from Cuba are a definite treasure! Great post!

  • Thank you, Leslie! Dang those sippy cups, right? I cannot stand them!! And yes, mujer, you need one of these cool cameras… I would love to see what beautiful images you would capture living where you do!

    Thanks Tara! I love that wedding photo too. You woulda thought it was totally staged, but I was literally exhausted and pretty much plopped on the ground 2 minutes after that shot. Ha!

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