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Our Infant Choking Emergency Experience {with resource links}

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Over the weekend, Daddy D and I experienced one of the most frightening occurrences that any parent can ever go through: having to give their child life saving measures and/or call for emergency help {911}.

Sebastian had been sleeping in his swing after his early evening feeding. I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, then D and I sat down to watch a quick show and headed upstairs for bed. D brought him up, handed him to me to swaddle and lay in the bassinet, which is next to our bed.

It became obvious to me at that moment that he was not breathing. I laid him, stomach down, on my arm and began to pat his back {firmly}. We rushed downstairs where I referenced this first aid chart that I keep taped to the door of our coat closet. He was turning blue and foaming at the mouth. Just when I was going to administer chest thrusts, Sebastian began to expel that was in his tiny little body. He was still having difficulties breathing, so we called 911 and took him to the emergency room. He was monitored for a few hours {we didn’t get home until well after 3 am} and we spoke with the Doctors, who reassured us that Sebastian’s vitals and oxygenation levels looked great. They told us that he is a perfectly healthy boy, whose body performed accurately by not allowing anything to go in or out under those circumstances. He was so lethargic and exhausted after that episode that its taken a couple days for him to get his energy levels back… last night we finally enjoyed some floor time, watching big sister play and sing.

My poor baby. It was, by far, one of the scariest experiences of our lives. After this post, where I come to grips with the fact that my little man needs surgery in a few short months, I thought I’d never have to write about Sebastian like that again. But, sheesh! Is it a boy thing? This kid is giving me a run for my money! Take it easy on your old momma, will ya kid?!

I’m not writing about our experience to worry my readers and friends/family who read the blog {honestly, Sebastian to doing wonderful… happy and healthy}, but I do sincerely hope that this post prompts parents to become certified in INFANT/CHILD CPR and First Aid. My certification is technically expired, but I believe that the numerous infant/child first aid classes that I’ve taken helped me to stay calm and do what was necessary to help my baby boy breathe again. This stuff really happens, people! Take a class! {I’m talking to you specifically, Jessica. Make sure my baby Max stays safe!}.

Here is a list of resources that I’ve complied to help you find a CPR and First Aid class in your area, ways to prevent choking in small children, and even a printable version of the same chart I use as reference for emergencies….

Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics webpage to learn tips on everything from preventing infant choking, minimize their risk of heat illness and so much more. Tons of great information on how to keep our kids safe!

This First Aid Chart found at is packed with great information, and easy to print and keep handy. The second page of chart is the same literature I have taped to our coat closet downstairs. I’ve always felt that its large picture graphics would be helpful in an emergency, and {although unfortunate to have figured it out} they in fact were. Keeping the chart taped in an area that we see on a regular basis also ensured that I that looked at it multiple times a day, if even subconsciously.

These quick reference images can be found at Medline Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. You can print these out too, I would imagine, to use as quick reference.

Visit the American Red Cross: Take A Class page to learn of available classes in your area; offerings are searchable through zip codes, so it’s very easy!

Take a class! I promise, you will not regret it.

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6 Discussions on
“Our Infant Choking Emergency Experience {with resource links}”
  • So glad he is okay!!! Must have been so scary!

    I have recently taken a Paediatric First Aid course and it has given me peace of mind in knowing what steps I need to take should anything happen. Hopefully it won’t!

  • I absolutely cannot imagine, Vanessa. Glad your baby boy is okay.

    Thanks for posting these links. I took an infant CPR class when I was pregnant with M, then I get certified during the school year for work, but it’s still great to get a refresher on the techniques and a reminder of why it’s all so important.

  • I am sooooooo sorry you had to go through this but am very happy that in the end, you were prepared and your baby boy is ok!

    My daughter chokes all the time due to a medical issue and you have put together a really good list of resources. I am sharing this all over the place!

    Love to you mama!

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