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I won’t ever pretend to be something I’m not… including pretending that I 100% live by over generalized statements like “I won’t ever pretend to be something I’m not”. Ha! Anyway, although I love a great outfit, coupled with great accessories and fab shoes, just like the next gal, I won’t pretend to be a fashionista. Just because I love to get dolled up with bangin’ earrings {heck, have my eyebrows done even!} does not constitute my skill to achieve a cohesive look as expert. Likewise, I am NOT an interior designer.

You will probably see a few posts flashing through your reader about our new home, the design esthetic I have chosen, furniture pieces I am considering, etc. That’s just because my life is there, not because I love design. I have a friend with a successful design company {in Southern California} that I can recommend if you are interested, and even a few friends who should seriously consider a career in the field, but I won’t ever even remotely pretend to have any creative ability. So there, you’ve been warned…

What I wholeheartedly am is a loving, devoted wife and mother. I am a home maker. And as such, I have taken the transition to our new home seriously. I want the house we bought to live and breathe us; I want it to become my family’s home. I realize this will take time, but I also didn’t want to start throwing our old junk into our new space, without any regard or reason. This move is different than the others, as we don’t intend to move again for a good long while.

Thankfully, my sister is one of those people who should consider a career in design or event planning or anything of that sort. She truly has a gift and has been as excited about our new home as we are. Over the last few days, she and I have changed the wall color of our entire home from a warm, yellowish beige to a smooth stone grey {which happens to look exactly like the wall color in HER home. Go ahead, call me a copy cat}. I’ve done beige for so long… I am ready for a change! And with her loving, gifted help, I know our house will be a beautifully designed home that Daddy D and I can be proud of for many years.

To help my creatively dwarfed mind, Pinterest has been invaluable. I am an over planner if there ever was one. Having a collection of images to remind me of what I like {yes, I need reminders of what I like} has been great. Here are a few pins I’ve made. We’ll see where the inspiration actually takes us! Enjoy!

                                                                            Source: inspirebohemia.blogspot.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                      Source: ethanallen.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                    Source: ethanallen.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                                  Source: bhg.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest

                                                                                        Source: houzz.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                    Source: younghouselove.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                     Source: rcwilley.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                Source: marthastewart.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                    Source: marthastewart.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest
                                                                                        Source: decorpad.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest

                                                                                             Source: houzz.com via De Su Mama on Pinterest

I can’t be the only crazy, type A out there that has pinned their current or future homes? I showed you my {inspired} digs, now show me yours!

Happy Thursday!





  1. Pinterest was made for us crazy type A’s ;) I try not to pin too much for the house, only those I absolutely ADORE and want absorbed into our home in the near and distant future, just because I can get a bit overwhelmed with too much. I love the style you’re going for, and please please please, stick to your “not just going to throw it all in there” ideal because I know as time progresses and you feel like the move isn’t, so many times you’ll be tempted to just “put this here, and move it later”. Later never happens! So stick to your guns! If only to show me that it really can be done! I have the same idea in my head that when we finally finish all the renovations and we have a downstairs, I will be extremely selective with what goes down there – I hope I {and the family} stick to this!

    P.S. I’m emmakay607 on pinterest if you want to have a look at mine.

  2. Love your choices! Also, type A (Yikes!!!), I have not reaally started browsing around pinterest because everyone tells me its addictive! :) I already know I would spend alot of precious time browsing..Maybe I will have a look .Ha! Seriously love the choices of furniture …so classic..So excited for you Vanessa! Hope you are feeling great and taking care of yourself. Merry Christmas!

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