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Avocado Mango Salsa : Summer Salad Food Traditions

Making Salsas Salsas are one of the most versatile condiments and can reflect your taste and creativity.  I personally  love avocados any time of year, but when its hot out, a refreshing summer salad really hits the spot. This Avocado Mango Salsa is a great addition  to a summer salad or a topping for grilled meats, It’s also certainly become a part of our food traditions. Make this salsa a day

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Red Rock Canyon: Alina’s First Hiking Adventure

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada’s first National Conversation Area, is very close to where we live on the West side of Las Vegas. Although it is literally only 15 minutes from us, we don’t take advantage of this escape from urban life as much as we should. After this weekend’s adventure however, my Husband and I agreed we will be coming back every weekend while the desert temperatures continue to be

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March 5th’s Bountiful Baskets

This was maybe one of the best bounties we have had yet! Way to go, Bountiful Baskets! We are all stocked up on 9 grain from last week, so we just ordered a standard basket. Here is this week’s bounty: 1 Pineapple 8 Banana 14 Minneola Orange 7 Gala Apple 4 Mango 1 Bag of Butter Golds Potato 1 Bunch of Spinach 1lb Green Beans 4 Tomato 3 White Onion

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Raising A Resilient Child: Using Nuture To Build A Resilient Nature {Part 2}

Alina’s Auntie made it very clear that she was not happy at all with my last post. Oh, how I love overprotective Aunties! Let me clarify: Alina is my pride and joy. She is beautiful and perfect in all ways because she came from the love between my Husband and I. We unconditionally love her. Even the parts of her that test my patience are qualities that will, inevitably, make

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Raising A Resilient Child: Using Nurture To Build A Resilient Nature {Part 1}

Before my full time job as a M.O.M., I worked in the social services field in the non profit sector providing direct care to a variety of populations with innumerate amount of needs and function levels. Everyone that gets into this business, does so with one goal in mind: to help others. But sometimes “helping others” is not as easy as it seems, and hurdles galore await you in achieving

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Love Letter: Newborn Photo Memories

Love letter to my Daughter – remembering her newborn photo shoot. For as much as I love writing a love letter to my daughter, I love photo memories just as much. For us, the stress of bringing home baby was too much for Daddy D and I to worry about pictures. I do very much love a pretty photo though… the walls in my home are covered with them…. and

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Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Brussel Sprouts Recipe I got a pound of Brussel Sprouts in my Bountiful Baskets a few months ago, and I was at a loss of what to do with them. I would have never bought them on my own. In fact, the only other time I had seen them prepared and eaten {as opposed to being threaten to have them for dinner}, was when a veggie loving friend steamed and

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