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Raising A Resilient Child: Using Nurture To Build A Resilient Nature {Part 1}

Before my full time job as a M.O.M., I worked in the social services field in the non profit sector providing direct care to a variety of populations with innumerate amount of needs and function levels. Everyone that gets into this business, does so with one goal in mind: to help others. But sometimes “helping others” is not as easy as it seems, and hurdles galore await you in achieving

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Love Letter: Newborn Photo Memories

Love letter to my Daughter – remembering her newborn photo shoot. For as much as I love writing a love letter to my daughter, I love photo memories just as much. For us, the stress of bringing home baby was too much for Daddy D and I to worry about pictures. I do very much love a pretty photo though… the walls in my home are covered with them…. and

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Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Brussel Sprouts Recipe I got a pound of Brussel Sprouts in my Bountiful Baskets a few months ago, and I was at a loss of what to do with them. I would have never bought them on my own. In fact, the only other time I had seen them prepared and eaten {as opposed to being threaten to have them for dinner}, was when a veggie loving friend steamed and

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Family Vegas Blog Celebrates Black History Month

This family Vegas blog celebrates Black History Month! Does yours? Our family had a great time celebrating Black History Month this year. From numerous puppet shows {entitled Tales From Afar: Tales of African Folklore}, to a festival, to enjoying good bar-b-que, we celebrated the entire month of February! Puppet shows through Clark County Library District My Husband is African American and his family has roots in the South, with his

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Bountiful Baskets in Vegas

Bountiful Baskets in Vegas After a couple weeks without one, I was anxious to get my Bountiful Baskets today! So I left Daddy D and Alina snuggled on the couch watching TV early this morning to get my bounty {I came back to them still snuggled up. They hadn’t moved an inch. Cutest sight ever!}. Here is the beautiful bounty I got for $15 this week. I was out of

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Alina Turns One: Erica Adams Photography

I love Erica Adams Photography. Ever since that initial maternity shoot, we have gone to no one else to capture our family’s growing changes. So, when Alina turned a year old, there was no one else I would have though to hire. We made a super quick trip to Cali the week before Alina’s birthday and had just enough time to get this shoot done and have dinner with our

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Veggie Pasta Sauce: Daddy D’s Favorite

Every family has a favorite, and mine loves this Veggie Pasta Sauce. Also, although I’m not sure where I heard this {so don’t quote me!}, but serving your Man cooked tomato at least once a week will reduce his chances of getting prostate cancer. That’s a good enough reason for Daddy D to faithfully ask for pasta every single week. So how does my loving Husband ask me for his

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