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Green Smoothie Recipes: A Delicious Compromise

I had planned on doing a recipe post on my Seriously Simple {Citrus} Salmon this week, but after my cousin asked for more recipes, I started thinking of what she would like {need?} most. My cousin is nearly 6 months pregnant with her second baby {a BOY!}, has an active 2.5 year old little girl and works full time as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. If there is anyone that

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Friends: A Girl’s Gotta Have ‘Em

I was chatting with my Bestie just last week about friendship and the amount of resources it takes to keep those relationships afloat and flourishing, and I have been thinking about it ever since. In times when resources are in short supply, you tend to try and make every bit count. The idea of waste is way more aggravating when you just don’t have much to go around. Whether the

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Bountiful Baskets: This Vegas Blog Hearts My Co-Op

For the last few months, I have been a regular contributor of a produce cooperative called Bountiful Baskets. On Monday afternoon, I log onto their website, pick my location and make my selections for that week. And then I wait. By the time Saturday morning finally arrives, I am SO excited to find out what kind of yummy goodness is in store for me. More often than not, however, I

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A Taste of Our Honeymoon: Greek Salad

What can be better than marrying the man of your dreams and having a beautiful wedding? Honeymooning in Greece, of course! We had a great time, but I digress…this is about food. In addition to traveling, I love to eat, and you better believe we did plenty of that! But no matter the menu, we always started with a yummy Greek salad….  Lunch in Athens! The Hub’s chicken dish and

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Alina turns ONE and her Dr. Seuss party!

A Dr Seuss Party Last week our little girl turned one year old. ONE! And we celebrated in with a Dr Seuss party! Originally, I had decided to have just a small party for our family in Las Vegas and some friends. We were married only 2 years ago, then had a beautiful baby shower last year, so I felt kind of bad asking our California family and friends to

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