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170 Million Americans For Public Broadcasting! Act Now!

Alina and I were watching television this morning while I made her breakfast, which is what we do pretty much every morning, when I heard a message from the General Manager of Vegas PBS, Tom Axtell, that really surprised me: “On Friday, February 11, the House Appropriations Committee released a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government. This bill proposes the complete elimination of any federal support for educational

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Citrus Salmon: An Ode to Motherhood

Easy Citrus Salmon Recipe : My Mom stayed with us for a few days the week I gave birth to Alina. She cleaned our place, stocked us up on groceries…and she cooked some seriously yummy food. One of the dishes she came up with was a succulent citrus salmon dish bathed in citrus juices and garlic. When I asked her for the recipe, she said something to this effect: There

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Raising a Bilingual Child in a Monolingual Home

Seems impossible, right? Practically. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t try! My Brother and I are the first generation born in the States, with parents immigrating here in the 1960’s with their parents as small children from Cuba. Spanish was technically my first language, not that it shows in the Spanglish I speak now. It’s a shame, really. I can understand essentially the entire language, and can engage in

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Free Baby Gym Classes in Las Vegas

Since Alina was about 7 to 8 months old, I have been taking her to free Baby Gym classes in Las Vegas every Tuesday mornings and sometimes Friday mornings, as well. It was our first experience in an organized Mommy and Me type play group and Alina very much enjoyed being around other babies. The sessions start with open play in the Red Room, where the babies are free to climb,

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Tips To Add Green Smoothie Recipes To Your Daily Diet

 Did you grow up eating lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet? Are your kids getting their required amount daily, too? If not, there are many of us who can relate. Sometimes getting the kids to eat their vegetables is an all out war at our house, so I started adding healthy green smoothie recipes into our daily diet to ensure all those great nutrients get into their

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Friends: A Girl’s Gotta Have ‘Em

I was chatting with my Bestie just last week about friendship and the amount of resources it takes to keep those relationships afloat and flourishing, and I have been thinking about it ever since. In times when resources are in short supply, you tend to try and make every bit count. The idea of waste is way more aggravating when you just don’t have much to go around. Whether the

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Bountiful Baskets: This Vegas Blog Hearts My Co-Op

For the last few months, I have been a regular contributor of a produce cooperative called Bountiful Baskets. On Monday afternoon, I log onto their website, pick my location and make my selections for that week. And then I wait. By the time Saturday morning finally arrives, I am SO excited to find out what kind of yummy goodness is in store for me. More often than not, however, I

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