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Bountiful Baskets: This Vegas Blog Hearts My Co-Op

For the last few months, I have been a regular contributor of a produce cooperative called Bountiful Baskets. On Monday afternoon, I log onto their website, pick my location and make my selections for that week. And then I wait. By the time Saturday morning finally arrives, I am SO excited to find out what kind of yummy goodness is in store for me. More often than not, however, I

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A Taste of Our Honeymoon: Greek Salad

What can be better than marrying the man of your dreams and having a beautiful wedding? Honeymooning in Greece, of course! We had a great time, but I digress…this is about food. In addition to traveling, I love to eat, and you better believe we did plenty of that! But no matter the menu, we always started with a yummy Greek salad….  Lunch in Athens! The Hub’s chicken dish and

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Alina turns ONE and her Dr. Seuss party!

A Dr Seuss Party Last week our little girl turned one year old. ONE! And we celebrated in with a Dr Seuss party! Originally, I had decided to have just a small party for our family in Las Vegas and some friends. We were married only 2 years ago, then had a beautiful baby shower last year, so I felt kind of bad asking our California family and friends to

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