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You Can Be Anything: My #WeAllGrowFamilia Recap

Almost 6 years ago, I was pounding life into the keys of my laptop while my baby slept in our tiny Las Vegas apartment. I was resuscitating a love that was so near death, its impossible to think of a life without it. Writing, back then, was a gift in and of itself. I wrote because, honestly, I was a new mom with Postpartum Depression and refused to take the prescribed

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Knowing Where You Come From To Know Where You’re Going

I’ve been keeping a secret: very soon, my mom and I embark on a heritage trip to explore the culture of Cuba, visiting Havana and other western parts of the island. We’ll visit the home she once lived as a young girl, the streets she played in, the school she attended before her parents immigrated to the United States as political refugees in 1968. We’re visiting Cuba’s eco-village devoted to reforestation,

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I Might Hate Crafts, Just Don’t Tell My Son’s Teacher!

I’m honored to connect with my friends at Clorox as their CLX Champion to share small victories in motherhood, challenges in home life and humble efforts in building a legacy that makes this world a brighter, kinder place. Welcome! Before she pulled me aside during Back to School Night, I knew what my son’s preschool teacher was going to say. “Sebastian is such a sweet boy,” she began, “but I

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Our First Visit To The California RV Show

If you would have told me that one day Daddy D and I would be attending the biggest RV show in California, I would have never believed you! We love to travel, but our sights have always been on international adventures…. until recently. After experiencing the wonders of my first national park this summer (Sequoia National Park), I have become obsessed with visiting more of our national wonders. Exposing our

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Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

Great Wolf Lodge opened in Southern California just about six months ago and, last weekend, we had the incredible pleasure of previewing the super popular, water park hotel during their Howl-o-Ween festivities. You likely already know, but let me tell you too, this family friendly hotel is all about making memories with your kids with tons of family-focused events, nonstop water fun and all sorts of activities that keep big

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Take Care of Yourself, Mama: 6 Daily Self Care Tips

I am, by no means, a pinnacle of health. I’m a work in progress and a busy mom who is trying her best to take care of her family while also squeezing in tiny moments of self care throughout the day. After the whirlwind of getting kids ready for school, working from home and then tending to dinner/homework, etc, I’m wiped out and in need of some self care. Nothing

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Disney Actors Talk Latino Identity and Hispanic Heritage Month

Disney Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and so many Latinos I know are talking about why our culture makes us proud… including these young Disney actors! Being a bicultural Latino in the United States is quite the tight rope walk, but watching these young people pursue their careers in mainstream media really makes me proud. They are role models for all kids, but especially for the tiny

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