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Legacy of Multiracial Motherhood

How I Bond With The Child So Unlike Me

I’m convinced motherhood is the bearer of life lessons. During no other time in life has my sense-of-self evolved so completely than when challenged by my children to do so. They truly make me a better human being and I’m excited to partner with our friends from N.B.T.F. Nothing But The Fruit™ to share this story. Thank you for supporting the brands that believe in moms like us! Within the very same

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A 7 Year-Old’s First Mixed Curly Haircut!

As I sit here thinking about how to start this post, a million stories before today are yearning to be told. I’ve been a mother to multiracial children for seven years and I’m always amazed at how prominent the theme of mixed curly hair has been. Indeed, this journey to loving natural curly hair started long before my daughter was born… but I digress. You’re here to see a 7 year-old

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How To Create A Bedroom That Fosters Positive Multiracial Identity

I’m excited to partner with Serta and Mattress Firm for these tips on fostering a positive multiracial identity for our babies. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our voices! Looking back at my youth, time spent in my bedroom was pivotal to my developing identity. I can vividly remember hours reading on my bed, writing in my journals, even decorating the walls with posters and trinkets to reflect

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Staying Clean While Camping Is His Superpower

My sweet husband, bless his heart. While he would do almost anything for me, convincing him to sleep outside in a tent was has taken me over ten years to do. You see, he’s a super clean dude. Does that sound strange? It’s true though; the man loves to clean, do laundry and is very meticulous about his personal hygiene. He likes his stuff squeaky clean, so camping has never

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Learning To Look At Hard Work Again

Thank you to the California Strawberry Commission for showing us the beauty of farming, allowing us to share our stories and for sponsoring this post. I remember walking into the freezer area in the back of my grandfather’s corner market and standing next to the whole pigs that dangled by their feet from huge, silver hooks attached to the ceiling. I was 7-years-old, yet I knew that they represented hours

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So We Want To Buy an RV: 10 Things Beginners Should Know

My husband and I got serious about buying an RV after we attended the California RV Show in Pomona for the first time, but the yearning to explore has been in my veins since forever. The thing is, like most American families, we have busy work schedules and a fixed budget. My husband gets a couple weeks off from work each year, the kids have school and, well, family travel

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A Simple Way To Help A Teacher When You Can’t Volunteer

It’s been almost two years since we sold everything and moved from Las Vegas to Southern California to give our kids a dual language education. When people hear that, they think we’re un poco loco, but I haven’t regretted it for a moment. There were no opportunities for dual immersion education in Vegas, so we packed it up! Now that we’ve been in California for two years and my kids

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