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7 Life Lessons We Learned From Tee Ball: Multiracial Motherhood

I’m usually looking for them, but sometimes life lessons hit me right on the head like a foul ball hailing from the sky. This tee ball season was my son’s first and we’ve learned a few lessons that I didn’t anticipate. Most of them are crazy metaphors that I couldn’t stop thinking about or analogies that were obvious to anyone. Some are specific to raising multiracial children, though most are

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Elena of Avalor’s Princess Gown Brought Me To Tears!!!

When you become a mother, you start to wonder how your child will fit into the world they’re born into. You wonder who will they become, how will they be received. Those wonders seem magnified when you’re raising multiracial children. At least they are to me. So when this past week, while attending an event called the Disney Social Media Moms at Walt Disney World, Elena of Avalor’s princess dress was

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Mom Jeans Never Looked So Good: The Modern Mom Style I’m In Love With

They’re versatile, comfortable and the unofficial uniform of busy moms everywhere, but the modern new styles in the 2016 Spring collection from Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ are nothing like the typical “mom jeans” of yesteryear. Actually, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with these modern pairs of skinny jeans and capris! I’m excited to partner with Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ to share a couple of their

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Inside a Kindergarten Dual Immersion Classroom: Our Spanish Bilingual Education Journey

I started researching our bilingual education options when my first child was still a toddler. I knew in my heart that if my kids had any hope of mastering even a beginners level of fluency in my family’s native language, it would have to come from a school setting. My research concluded that dual immersion education was not an option where we lived – not in public education or the

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5 Benefits Of Martial Arts for Kids…Especially Girls!

I’m a sports dad and martial arts enthusiast. My 7-year-old son has been training in martial arts for 3 years. Martial arts for kids has supported great characteristics and life lessons for my son and I recommend the various practices to most parents I come across. During this time, I’ve also watched his female peers develop along with him. Some girls were already athletic, assertive and excelled from the beginning, while

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On Becoming A Phat Mom, Body Image Issues And All

The first time I heard the word phat was in the late 1990’s in a high school English honors class. We were studying semantics – the play on words – when a classmate raised his hand and said, “Hey yo, Ms. Fowler, so like this: you a phat teacher.” The whole class gasped. We had only heard fat, not phat, and well, Ms. Fowler wasn’t fit and trim. He went

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Churro Cereal Bites: Quick Breakfast Recipe My Kids Love

I just love breakfast time with the kids! The moments after they awake with their sweet morning faces, crusted over from the dreams before, are some of my favorite of the day. And even though I didn’t grow up with a big breakfast food culture, quick breakfast recipes that my kids love has become my favorite thing to serve. I partnered with Cheerios, in collaboration with Momtastic and Latina Bloggers

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