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The Small Choices That Make Big Impact for California

My little girl is in the first grade and, wow, I can’t believe how mature she seems. Yes, she’s taller and bigger, but she’s also smarter and more vocal and, just, I don’t know…. more passionate. One issue that she has learned at school recently is about conservation and the small choices that help the environment. But she doesn’t just want to help any environment – she’s all about the improvement California’s

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Our Families Are Worth Fighting For #WeWontWait2016

This week I was invited to Washington DC as a delegate of Moms Rising to attend #WeWontWait2016, a nonpartisan, national movement of women speaking on issues that impact families from the kitchen table to the voting booth. The summit engages “whole person politics” because they know Americans don’t vote on single issues. We Won’t Wait connects single issue organizations in conversations on ways to create a whole economy and whole democracy

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Multiracial Babies

Oh my goodness, raising multiracial babies has been the most rewarding experience of my life! In addition to just all the wonderful, universal aspects of motherhood, my mixed race babies have helped me mature into a woman I’m proud of and create a family legacy that is founded on values important to us. But there are a few things I wasn’t expecting when starting a multicultural family. Here are 5

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Falling for Mom Friends And Coffee Breaks

It’s that season again and time to #FallforStarbucks! This story of friendship and gathering is sponsored by Starbucks but the opinions are completely my own and based on my experiences. It’s official: I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my mom friends. It’s been over a year that we moved to Southern California, the place we ultimately decided to build our family legacy, and we’re still as happy as

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Disney Aulani Reviews From The Whole Family: Was It Worth It?

I’m still soaking up the memories from our Hawaiian vacation a few weeks back! This luxury family travel adventure is not the usual way we vacation. We stayed 3 nights in the north shore of Oahu before spending 4 nights at Disney Aulani in Ko’Olina. When I share with friends how much we actually spent on this vacation, they usually retort with was it worth it? The answer isn’t clear cut

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Hawaiian Shrimp Truck Recipe

While its known for white sand beaches and thick, jungle mountains, Hawaiian food culture is something to be excited about too. Salty Spam, sweet, sticky rice, juicy fruit… Seriously, Hawaii is filled with delicious food everywhere, including this indulgent Hawaiian Shrimp Truck Recipe that had me excited to recreate it as soon as we got home from our trip. Exploring the North Shore of Oahu was probably my favorite part of

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My 3 Biggest Regrets All Have This In Common

As a life principle, I believe in making mistakes. Failure provides a baseline for growth. Mistakes lend way for forgiveness and understanding; it can strengthen relationships and cement resolve. Or it can weed out the relationships, ideas or life paths that weren’t meant for you in the first place. I believe that life’s most perfect lessons are unearthed through our mistakes and failures. That belief also offers us tremendous grace.

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