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On Becoming A Phat Mom, Body Image Issues And All

The first time I heard the word phat was in the late 1990’s in a high school English honors class. We were studying semantics – the play on words – when a classmate raised his hand and said, “Hey yo, Ms. Fowler, so like this: you a phat teacher.” The whole class gasped. We had only heard fat, not phat, and well, Ms. Fowler wasn’t fit and trim. He went

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Churro Cereal Bites: Quick Breakfast Recipe My Kids Love

I just love breakfast time with the kids! The moments after they awake with their sweet morning faces, crusted over from the dreams before, are some of my favorite of the day. And even though I didn’t grow up with a big breakfast food culture, quick breakfast recipes that my kids love has become my favorite thing to serve. I partnered with Cheerios, in collaboration with Momtastic and Latina Bloggers

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The Illusive Smile of a 4 Year Old Boy Finally Caught On Camera

Deep in the burbs of Southern California roams a striking rare breed of brown boy. At only 4 years old, this young cub possessives a fascinating smile that is both adorable and illusive, enchanting anyone lucky to witness the authentic version in person. Various replicas and less fascinating variations are more common, but the Pure Smile is still the most coveted by hunters. This is especially true for a particular

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5 Simple Daytime Date Ideas For Reconnecting With Your Lova

Married with kids is a fun way to do life. Never a dull moment, it can be hard to find quality time to connect with your spouse or partner. Date nights are great, but Daddy D and I have started to make a list of daytime date ideas that appeal to our schedule now that he has a new job (yay!) and the kids are in school. It’s like a whole

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Single Parents With Biracial Kids: 5 Expert Tips To Support Mixed Identity

Raising multiracial children is certainly a unique experience. Parents of multiracial and biracial children often face challenges in helping their kids develop healthy cultural identities that other parents may not. If you’re not biracial yourself, you may find it difficult to understand what it’s like to belong to multiple ethnic groups. Even still, we’re responsible to facility that growth for our children anyway. This duality makes it difficult to relate to your multiracial

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The Things We Tell Our Daughters In The Way That We Get Dressed

Getting dressed. It’s a thing that has to be done, but often lacks my enthusiasm. In recent years especially, as my focus has been on rearing awesome kids and not my full figured wardrobe. If you’ve met the women in my family, you’d know that fashion is kinda a big deal. My Latina grandmother is the pinnacle of “always put-together”. She wears bright colored clothing that flows perfectly against her

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Mushroom Chicken Breast Recipe with Balsamic and Rosemary

Chicken breast recipes can be so hard make right! Sometimes the breasts turn out so dry and without much flavor. So when Walmart sent over an awesome bundle of new products available on store shelves, I immediately wanted to try a Mushroom Chicken Breast Recipe with Balsamic and Rosemary. As a Walmart Mom, this easy chicken breast dinner recipe is sponsored by them. Enjoy! One of the products in our

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