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Legacy of Multiracial Motherhood

Boys, Boogers and Black Eyes

I’m excited to partner with Boogie Wipes for this story because 1. they’re my most favorite baby product ever and 2. they love hearing from everyday moms on how their natural products makes our lives just a little easier. Thanks for supporting the brands that support our voices! Boys will be…. Good human beings? Considerate, self-aware and live with dignity? Yes, of course, we want our boys to be all

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5 EASY Tips to Create Your Family Food Culture

Establishing your family food culture isn’t just about the food you prepare. It’s also about how your family comes together over that food; it’s about the spices and ingredients you consistently use and the stories told over the dinner table. Thinking about planning and execution of our family food culture is something I love to do, but you don’t have to overthink it. Motherhood can feel overwhelming and adding one

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Parenting “The Only”

The moment I read the email listing each name on the basketball roster, I knew we were in for an experience. Both for her and I, the mom that would have to put her foot down and ensure the experience was one we took value from. I mean, I really didn’t plan to put my daughter in this situation. I didn’t even think to ask, or request that she be placed with

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Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival: A SoCal Spring Tradition

If you’ve never been to the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California, put it on your list! We were invited to attend the annual Boysenberry Festival for the first time and it exceeded our expectations. Actually, I was excited at how much fun the whole family had – no member was left out! Who knew that delicious food fest with live shows and entertainment, a Wine +

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So Many Reasons To Feel Good About SeaWorld This Summer

I went to SeaWorld last week and I feel so good about the experience. After not going for several years, I received an invitation stating that the marine animal park was undergoing its most significant changes to date. Also, considering last year’s announcement that they were ending their orca breeding program, our generation of kids will be among the last to see these majestic animals up close. I decided to

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I Won’t Always Have A Playroom To Clean

My house is in full spring cleaning mode, but that doesn’t mean motherhood stops. I’m proud to partner with our friends at Clorox for the reminder that scrubbing out germs doesn’t have to mean washing away our gratitude and grace. If there is one room in my house that drives me insane, it’s the playroom; the space in our tiny home where toys are stored, played with, then left scattered

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6 Types of Friends Every Woman Needs

About a year ago, while attending my mom’s group, a speaker took the stage and shared incredible wisdom that has changed the way I look at women and friendship ever since. She explored the various types of mom friends every woman needs by way of a chocolate chip cookie analogy. Did she just say a cookie? Ya, I was surprised too. But her words were so simple, so easy to

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