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Cultivating Your Child’s Multiracial Identity

At only four years old, the seeds of self-awareness have been planted in my beautiful multiracial child – my black son. The beginnings of his personal identity are taking root, growing strong on the foundation of two loving parents, a stable household and the support of family and friends. However, as a bicultural Latina, I know the road to self-love and acceptance in an environment that doesn’t readily reflect (or

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What I Crave On Simple Summer Days

Oh, the simple joys of summer. These days I cherish with fierceness: taking long walks with my neighbors as the sun sets off in the distance, exploring the outdoors, grilling up dinner while the kids bond with old friends, indulging in sweet treats in balanced ways. What are you craving? Here are a few more of the decadent things I’m soaking up this summer. Big thanks to our partner, Balance

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Delicious Chicken Shawarma Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious summer grilling recipe for your next family cookout, look no further. This Shawarma recipe is it! Not only does it comes together super easy and is, without a doubt, a fan favorite it only needs a few ingredients. We got together with our best friends over the weekend and it was so much fun to watch our babies play and enjoy some good food

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Summer At Big Bear Lake: 5 Free Things To Do

We had such a great time on our weekend summer getaway to Big Bear Lake. The town is a sleepy, forest area about 2 hour away from Los Angeles. The drive up is a twisty one, but once you’re there, you won’t regret it. Especially during the summer! There are lots of things to do in Big Bear that are super affordable – even free! Here are 5 of them…

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I Delayed Potty Training And My Son Is Still Awesome

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Thanks for supporting the brands that support our voices! It all started after my baby boy reached his first birthday. The stress and anxiety surrounding this big developmental phase was starting to mount, not only on me, but on my baby boy too. The expectation is, that within the next year and a half, he should be potty trained. Surly by three

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Parenting Through Struggle: 5 Tips For When Life Is Hard

It’s quite common to hear parents say “all that matters is that my kids are happy” or “if my kids are happy, then I’m happy”. I probably say it as much as anyone. While this is true to an extent, the opposite proves to be true as well. Yup! Your personal well being significantly impacts your child’s happiness. When parents are doing well, they are able to invest more in their children. They have

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She Come Undone: Confronting White Apathy as a Multiracial Mother

I kneel on the bathroom floor, with my forehead to the ground, and start to pray. The kids are bickering outside the door, making it difficult to hear my own thoughts. As it should be, childhood isn’t concerned with savage inequalities and societal violence. So I give up. I give up praying. For a few breaths, I regain composure. Still in prayer position, I inhale. Peace. Exhale, strength. Inhale, perspective.

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