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Photo Memories and Building A Legacy: Introducing Mama’s Momentos

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I’ve said so much on this blog in the nearly two years since its inception, with most posts coupled with photography to document the memory. These photo moments are every bit as dear to my heart as the countless words I’ve written. Maybe even more so, since they can be consumed quicker and with multiple senses. These photo moments further document the photo legacy that I am actively building, in addition to letters of love and history that are written. Even still, I wanted a place that chronicled both my photo memory AND my words. In one simple place.

Introducing a new DSM project for photo memories: Mama’s Momentos.

I plan to post Mama’s Momentos on Sunday, choosing a favorite photo memory from past posts and inscribing them with a quote from that day’s legacy. It was fun making the first five photo moments and looking back at how far I’ve come. As a blogger, writer, photographer, but mostly how much I’ve grown as a mother and woman. I can hardly believe the difference. Like the picture from my very first photo memory at De Su Mama; I had no idea how much I’d love blogging! Or looking back at Alina’s first 24 hours of life… hasn’t she changed so much?! I loved reminiscing Alina turning one and her Dr. Seuss Birthday Party. And I feel as though I really started to find my unique voice when documenting these tiny legacy bits of Alina’s favorite Wocket in her Pocket and collection of blossoming friendships.

I love to write. And I love photography. But sharing them both with my readers and building this legacy of love for my children is what has made the biggest impact to my personal identity.

Mama’s Momentos is a new project for DSM, and one that coincides with many other amazing things happening very soon. First up will be the launch of a new site design. I hope you love it as much as I do! You may have noticed my beautiful new watermark/logo… pretty, ya?

I remain humbly grateful for your community and readership. Each comment and email impacts me in ways that were destined to be. I have utter faith in this process and thank you sincerely for being here with me.

If you are also building a legacy to your kids, and want to share with this Legacy Building community, hashtag your Instagram pictures with #BuildYourLegacy and they will be featured on the new DSM site!! (Instagram profile must be public in order for your photos to be streamed, though!)

Con mucho amor,

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