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Sebastian: 3 Months

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Mi Querido Hijo,

Have I told you lately that I love you?

You may think that sounds silly, of course I have. I say “I love you” every single day. But, have I told you lately how much you have changed my life? Have I told you lately how I cannot imagine being Mama to just one child, or not being Mother to a son? Sebastian, my beautiful big eyed boy, have I told you lately how my world would stop spinning without you in it?

In three months, you have completely stolen my heart. From my tiny newborn infant, you are growing into the sweetest baby I could have hoped for! Just yesterday, on your three month birthday, you started to lean your body towards my face, with mouth wide open, trying to “kiss” me. Everyone was here, celebrating 4th of July, to catch this adorable development occur. You melted many a hearts yesterday, my little charmer.

Speaking of your mouth, this month you have officially found your hands and love chewing on them. You have begun sucking on them as a form of self soothing {something Alina never did}, which makes me happy. You are still taking a pacifier to exert that extra bit of energy, but that’s it. You do not want it in your mouth once you are entering dreamland. I can tell you won’t be using the pacifier for much longer.

At your 3 month check up we learned that you are a big boy! You weigh a whopping 15.8 pounds and are 24.5 inches tall. We were also reassured that you are a very healthy baby. Thank the heavens for that! You continue to be only breastfed, but this month you also got a few bottles of breast milk. I am happy to report that you took it like a champ {also unlike your big sister}! Of course, you wanted nothing to do with the bottle when momma was giving it, but you were more than willing to be fed by Dad. This new step has given me a bit of freedom and ability to take a break every once in awhile {like, going to the grocery store. Ha!}. See, my love… you are already so thoughtful of your Momma.

Your impending surgery is never far from my mind and heart. And it hurts. But your pediatrician was so kind to take a few moments at our visit to ease my fears. She even told Momma a story of her own 2 month old who had to have surgery. She was scared too, but he healed rapidly and is very healthy now. You little babies are so resilient!

You are SO strong, Sebastian! You have been able to roll over for awhile, but now you do it at will, and can hold your head up high while on your elbows. You ADORE being on your belly, and so spend much of your time on it. You also love to be propped up, either leaning on a pillow or in your {pink!} bouncer seat. On the flip side {pun intended…haha!}, you don’t really enjoy hanging out for long on your back. Maybe you get bored looking at the ceiling when there is so much to see in your world…

You are SO happy, Sebastian! I pray that you continue to grow wildly in love with life like you seem to be with each new passing day. You were smiling very early on, and you continue to be more resposnisive when someone smiles at you, but this month you also have started to laugh out load and “talk” to us {using vowel sounds}. It is by far the cutest thing I have heard!

At our doctor visit, our pediatrician also explained that you were likely developing some stranger anxiety. She said it was a normal stage of development and that, by understanding a particular face is one that you do not know, means that you have begun to recognize the faces of people who you are familiar with. Well, I could have told you that! You have always loved your Momma, but I have been noticing the differences in your reactions when others engage you. You love your Dad now; he’s a suitable fill-in for Mom. You also adore your Auntie! For the last few weeks its been very obvious how much you love her.

But the biggest change has been in your adoration of your big sister, Alina. At some point within this month, you grew accustomed of her loud voice and sudden movements. You don’t even flinch when she is near you now. Wanna know why? Because, for as wild as she may seem, she has always been so very conscience of your presence. It’s almost like you trust that she won’t hurt you. Oh Sebastian, Alina loves you like crazy. She tells you everyday. My heart swells in the most unfathomable ways when I hear her tell you, “Ohhhh baby boy, I love you so much!”. How can my life get any better than that? I hope that you two always love each other as much as you do at this exact moment.

My sweet Son, el sol mas dulce de mi vida, I am SO excited! I can feel the tide of your growth swelling and know from experience that all the wondrous moments of one’s first year of life is just around the corner. Your whole family will be with you, watching and exclaiming and catching on film, as you reach all your new milestones.

Te adora, mi sol. I adore you, my son.

Te quiero por siempre y despues de siempre,
Su Mama

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“Sebastian: 3 Months”
  • OMG! He is such a handsome little man!!!!! Alina looks like an amazing older Sister! They are both just beautiful. What a beautiful Blessing! I am so happy for you!!!!

    Had I told you that IF we have another baby and he happens to be a boy….our name of choice is Sebastian! 😀 Love it.

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