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See You at Niche Parent in Fort Lauderdale!

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A Big First Experience for De Su Mama!

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I attended my first blogging conference. Through Britax, I was able to attend Niche Mommy 2012 in New Orleans. I met some great people and learned a bunch. Attending these kinds of events can definitely help take your blog “to the next level”.  Giving other bloggers and brands a chance to see your face, hear you enthusiasm and connect with you on a non-virtual level is invaluable to your brand. It’s an investment, but a worth while one.

I wrote a post last year about how small bloggers get big opportunity to explain how I got the Britax conference sponsorship, and have since received many emails asking me to elaborate. I get emails from readers who are in mixed families or not, inspired by the DSM mission, and wanting to launch their own legacy blogs. I am so humbled by them. Some of those bloggers I keep close tabs on – seeing their potential immediately. I want nothing more than to see them flourish.

So when Niche Parent 2013 announced they would be in Florida, one of my all time favorite states, I decided to push my brand a little further. The bloggers that inspire me all speak at conferences and work the circuit to their brand’s benefit, and going forward, that is exactly what I intend to do with DSM. So I sent a beginning blogger’s panel pitch to Nadia, Niche Parent’s founder, hoping that maybe I would get picked up to join the team. Low and behold, the conference organizers loved the idea and, I can now officially say, we’ll be heading to Fort Lauderdale! And I will be a speaking on how small blogs can ‘Make Something Out of Nothing’ by creating a formula of defined messaging and imagery that works best for their voice and readership. Niche blogging CAN be successful!

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Niche Parent Conference

I will be co-speaking with Eileen Carter-Campos, who has a flourishing social media career and blogs at Mommy Teaches. I think that our experiences are different enough to give attendees great tools on how to achieve your social media goals – even if you feel like a small fish in a big pond. The session will be hands-on, with lots of engagement and Q&A. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, I would love to see you!

And actually, Niche Parent is current offering a buy one, get one sale! The BOGO sale makes this conference super affordable, and the hotel it is being held at is beach front, so split the costs with a friend!

The Path for DSM

There is still so much in store for DSM. Those who I speak to personally know that I am a huge advocate for social media – it has brought me closer to lifelong dreams than anything else ever has. I work A LOT and, with new freelance writing jobs still to announce, will be working even harder in the coming months. But DSM is a labor of love. I love this blog and the community that I am in. I am excited for new projects (including new DSM voices/contributors!) and hope you stick around and share your legacies as mamas.

Mucho amor. Much love to you and yours,

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“See You at Niche Parent in Fort Lauderdale!”

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