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Christmas Photo Memory Shadowbox Craft

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Crafts that speak to family legacy is the only way I enjoy crafting! Add beautiful photography to the equation and my heart is full. This holiday season, make this family legacy craft – the Christmas Photo Shadowbox.

Family Legacy Craft: Holiday Photo Shadowbox


Celebrating baby’s first Christmas is a milestone for most families, but in terms of family legacy, so is the very first holiday season for your children together as siblings. When we celebrated my son’s first Christmas, I remember feeling so blessed by him. He completed our family of four, made me a boy mom and also gave my girl a brother. So when I took this photo of them together on their first Christmas as siblings, I knew I wanted to do something special with it. Two years later, I decided to make a family legacy craft. Our babies experience love in many different ways. These precious moments with our little ones make every day special and worth remembering.

Siblings First Christmas Photo Craft Siblings First Christmas Photo Craft

DIY Christmas Craft: Siblings Photo Memory Keepsake

To make this family legacy photo memory shadowbox, I looked to the queen of Latino crafts, specifically of shrines and altars, Crafty Chica. Her book was a great source of inspiration for this legacy craft. Definitely, check it out!

For my Sibling’s First Christmas Photo Memory Keepsake, I wanted to remember how little and innocent they were that year. I honed in on Crafty Chica’s style and love of glitter, keeping things fun and child-like, but also thinking of the red and gold color scheme of my Christmas decor.

Family Legacy Craft: Photo Memory Shadowbox for Baby's First Chritsmas

I’m really happy with how this legacy craft turned out! I might add a few little things (my little boy was so upset the mini-tree didn’t have a star on top!), but for now, it’s a sweet reminder to cherish the very first Christmas my babies spent together as siblings.

I found all the crafting supplies for this project at Michael’s. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Sibling’s First Christmas Photo Memory Keepsake

– 12×12 shadowbox (this size makes it easy to pop in your favorite scrapbook paper!)

– 12×12 heavy scrapbook paper

– 5×7 laser-cut wooden frame

– Wood stain or paint (I used a golden oak color)

– Seasonal floral decor

– Seasonal bow

– Miniature decor to set up the Christmas morning scene: tree, presents, rocking horse, nutcracker

– Basic crafting supplies: wire cutters (if needed), hot glue gun, etc

And of course, your favorite picture of all your babies together on their first Christmas as siblings.

Family Legacy Craft: Photo Memory Shadowbox for Baby's First Chritsmas Family Legacy Craft: Photo Memory Shadowbox for Baby's First Chritsmas

Easy Christmas Decor Craft Instructions

Start by painting or staining your shadow box and wooden frame. Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust. Let all components dry completely before starting to design your craft.

Arrange the seasonal decor to figure out the best layout for your design. Crafty Chica’s book has lots of inspiration. I wanted to keep things simple, but still, add a glittery layer of decor on the outside of the box. Use wire cutters to remove unwanted stems or foliage. Affix the decor with hot glue.

Using more hot glue, pop it your 12×12 scrapbook paper. I used another layer of glitter and love how it looks against the natural wood tones. Also, glue or tape your image to your wooden frame (be careful not to ruin the image with this step! I made extra copies of my print, just in case.) Glue the frame to the paper.

Now you’re ready to set your Christmas scene! If your little ones have small-scale toys they’re willing to donate, that would be a fun addition to the scene. I wanted to keep things classic, yet whimsical, so I stayed with these vintage-inspired miniatures.

photo-craft-family-legacy-dsm-7 photo-craft-family-legacy-dsm-6

More Family Legacy Crafts!

This Siblings First Christmas Craft turned out so much cuter than I could hope. I can’t wait to see it hanging among all our other Christmas decor this holiday season! Check out the other Family Legacy Crafts for the holiday season that have been featured on DSM!

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