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Britax B-Ready Stroller: To Stack Or Not?

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A Real Review of the Britax B-Ready Stroller

You’ve seen them, but what do you really think of stackable strollers? The Britax B-Ready is an amazing stroller in and of itself, but combine it with the plethora of accessories available, and you have one amazing travel system. As a Britax Latina Blogger (and in partnership with Mami Innovative Media) this is a sponsored post. Britax knows I have two rambunctious babies and asked me to share what I thought of the B-Ready Stroller with second seat attachment for my readers.

After nearly a month of use, this is what I ultimately think about it….


Perception: At first sight (long before I became a Britax Latina Blogger), I didn’t like the stackable strollers at all. I could have never imagined putting my baby so low to the ground, tucked so far away from me. I thought Alina would hate it to. A few friends have also assumed she’d hate it because she can’t see forward or that she was incredibly comfortable because her feet were in the storage basket.

Reality: Turns out, Alina loves her little cocoon. She jumps in and out at will, feeling like she’s in her own little space. While on vacation in Florida this summer, the B-Ready with second seat attachment was a life saver as it allowed us to stay out late while both kids slept comfortably in the stroller. I used to hate taking the side-by-side double stroller, only for Alina to spend most of the time walking. Britax’s B-Agile Double is designed to fit through standard doorways, but it was still a wasted effort when she hardly used her seat. In addition, as far as her comfort, I have one thing to say: she’s a kid! She loves having her feet smothered in our junk or stuffing the basket with her books and toys while we cruise around. She doesn’t need a five star accommodation.

Perception: It’s too huge for regular use. It steers poorly. It doesn’t navigate through real life (grocery store, shopping aisles, small doorways).

Reality: I was never worried about this. I know the quality of Britax products and knew the B-Ready would a great ride. It is wider than a typical single stroller, that is for sure. But when compared to other double strollers, the ease of use is really second to none. Because it is NOT an in-line stroller, it steers just like a single stroller. So none of those obnoxious wide turns. Also, because it is NOT a side-by-side, it fits everywhere easily – just like a single stroller would. The seats are positioned so that they stack, making use of vertical space versus front/back or side/side. I LOVE this stroller for ease of use. Again, it is big and, when collapsed, still is as big as a typical double stroller, but it doesn’t maneuver like any other double stroller I’ve used.


Perception: For awhile there, I thought there was a design flaw in the Britax B-Ready with second seat attachment. I started to email Britax to ask why the stroller would tip back WITH Alina in the bottom seat when I removed Sebas from the top seat (ya, that was very scary). There was no way I would recommend this stroller to my readers without understanding why this was happening. But the reality is…

Reality: Even Britax Latina Bloggers need to do better research! I failed to realize that, even though the weight limit on the top seat is 55 pounds, the second seat attachment actually has a limit of 35 pounds. DUH! While not by much, Alina is heavier than 35 pounds. Plus with the diaper bag that I usually hang from the handle bars, it was just too much weight. Now that I know, I’ll start using it with Sebas in the bottom seat and Alina in the top – or, since I’m being honest, just be really really careful with weight distribution.

I encourage you to read more about the Britax B-Ready and its accessory offerings. Go to the store and test them out. Put your kids in each seat and spend an hour or more walking around the store. Take them to the store’s bathroom, ask to take it out to your car and put it in your trunk. At a combined suggested retail price for both stroller and second seat of approximately $650, I want you to be sure a stackable stroller is good for your family. You should definitely find sales and coupons, but a product of this quality will undoubately be an investment.

Feel free to email me with any questions anytime. What I can’t answer myself, we’ll reach out to the nice people at Britax for help with. I adore this company, and while I wasn’t always a fan of the stackable strollers, I’m not surprised that Britax changed my mind.

Happy strolling!

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6 Discussions on
“Britax B-Ready Stroller: To Stack Or Not?”
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my B-Ready Stroller. I have the same configuration as you and it has traveled North and South America with me. Love the utility and small footprint when on the go.

  • That is so cute amiga! I can see how this stroller would be so much easier than using a standard double. The steering alone has got to be worth it! We recently got Lily the BOB Revolution stroller. I love it and it has so much more room for her, but the steering isn’t quite as nice because the front wheel is locked in place. It’s great for long walks (like to the park) and definitely trail runs and we use our B-Ready when we go on quick trips and out to fireworks and such. 😉

    So great to hear such a detailed review! I will keep all of this in mind when I recommend strollers to family and friends!

  • Gosh, why are there so many warnings about the stroller tipping when a second child hops out of the front seat. Sounds like this may not actually be an issue? Have been so torn between the Be Ready at the Vista!

    • If my younger child was in the bottom and the heavier child jumped out of the top seat, it would often tip depending on what else I hanging from the handlebars, etc. I always kept the baby in the top seat. Good luck in your choice!

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